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Building a strong global presence for itself in creativity and culture, Berlin is one lively, distinguished artistic hub. The city wears its turbulent history on its sleeve, with its countless eye-opening historical and memorial sites to check out while you’re there. Berlin recognises its past, and focuses on the future with innovative architecture.

by Maria Schädlich

Berliner Unterwelten
Many of you have been to Berlin before, but you haven’t seen the city from this perspective yet, that is – from down below! Here, you can explore many exciting, historically relevant and sometimes distressing sites. Be they oId war bunkers or escape tunnels beneath the Berlin Wall – visitors will discover completely new angles on the German capital and its turbulent history. On this exciting tour, you’re guaranteed to lose track of time – and you’ll be sheltered from any bad weather above! Sturdy footwear is recommended.

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Mike’s Sightrunning
Two ways to relax after a stressful day are a spa session or a workout. If you’re a sporty person and you’d like to see Berlin, try Mike’s Sightrunning. The name says it all. On foot you can explore things that you would never see if you went by bus, bike or on conventional tours. In addition, you benefit from the fresh air and pleasant conversation.

Brandenburger Tor abends

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artberlin Fashion Tour
Calling all fashionistas! If you’re new to a city, it’s not always easy to track down the hottest designers and labels. Especially when some of them are in small alleys in semi-secret hipster districts. artberlin takes visitors straight to the creative heart of Germany’s fashion metropolis. There are tours for every style and budget.

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Stadt im Ohr
If you would like to explore Berlin on your own but still want suggestions and information, you can enjoy audio - hikes in many different districts. Either you rent an mp3 player, or you just download the audio files to your smartphone, and off you go! Besides interesting information, there are historical interviews, musical audio samples and more.

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