6 of the best galleries in Berlin Berlinische Galerie

6 of the best galleries in Berlin Featured

In a city famed for its lively contemporary art scene, here are our recommendations for the top galleries.

Berlin has been a world centre of contemporary art for a long time, and there are a dizzying number of galleries showing modern and classic work to choose from. Whether you’re an aficionado, a collector, or just interested in a cultured day out, then this city has something for you. Here’s our pick of the top six galleries.

Berlinische Galerie

All of the art showcased at the Berlinische - which focuses on modern art, photography and architecture from 1870 to the present day - was created right here in Berlin. The breadth and depth of its range is a testament to the creative history of the city. The gallery itself, which is located in a former glass warehouse, is bright, with tall whitewashed walls and and spacious interiors. Its permanent collection is especially strong on Dadaism and the 20th Century Avant-Garde. www.berlinischegalerie.de

Boros Collection

galleries---Boros-Collection.-Tree-by-Aiweiwei.-From-website.-Copyright---NOSHEBoros Collection © Facebook

A true hidden gem, the private Sammlung Boros (Boros Collection) is located in an imposing converted bunker with metre-thick walls in Berlin’s Mitte district. There are no signs outside, and the only way to get in is by booking a guided tour from the website Thursday-Sunday (English language tours start on the half hour). It’s well worth the effort though, with 300sq metres of exhibition space devoted to contemporary art, including work from Ai Wewei and Thomas Ruff. www.sammlung-boros.de

Hamburger Bahnhof

galleries---Hamburger-Bahnhof.-FacebookHamburger Bahnhof © Facebook

Housed in an elegant former rail station, the Hamburger is one of the world’s most comprehensive contemporary art galleries. It houses exclusively contemporary art from the 1950s to the present day. You’ll find hundreds of exhibits across more than 10,000 square meters of floorspace, including some of the most influential art of the late 20th Century. Among its most famous pieces are Andy Warhol’s ‘Mao’ and several installations from Joseph Beuys. www.smb.museum.de

C/O Berlin

galleries---co-berlinC/O Berlin

One of the most respected photography galleries in the world, the C/O re-opened last year at its new location in Amerika House, on the Charlottenburg side of Tiergarten. Here you’ll find big names like Annie Leibovitz and Nan Goldin alongside rising young artists. The current major exhibition, a retrospective of photographer and director Anton Corbijn’s portraits, is not to be missed. www.co-berlin.org

me Collectors Room

galleries---me-collectors-room.-from-facebookme Collectors Room © Facebook

Very different from a standard private gallery, me Collectors Room serves as a platform not only for owner Thomas Olbricht’s private collection, but also to huge range of international private collectors. The permanent Olbricht Collection spans all types of art from 1600 to the present day, including paintings, video installations, new media, and photography. The recently opened temporary exhibition displaying the work of noted American photographer Cindy Sherman is also highly recommended. www.me-berlin.com

König Galerie

galleries---Konig-Galerie.-from-facebookKönig Galerie © Facebook

The most striking thing as you enter the König Galerie is the location - a large, stark, brutalist church utterly unlike the clean white cubes of most Berlin galleries. König Galerie moved to the St Agnes Church earlier this year, and the space is perfect for the big, conceptual pieces that the gallery is known for. The exhibitions focus on younger artists, and owner Johann König has a reputation for developing artists who turn into the next big thing. www.koeniggalerie.com

1 Berlinische Galerie
2 Boros Collection
3 Hamburger Bhanhof
4 C/O Berlin
5 me Collectors Room
6 König Galerie