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Lovely Things To Buy In Berlin Featured

Discover this delightful and eclectic shopping experiences in Berlin.

by Maria Schädlich

Luisa Kocht


Luisa Pasta1 

The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, as they say – and what you find at Luisa Giannitti’s Deli surely arouses passion. Opened in 2017, it offers delectable specialities, hand-selected from her native city, Naples. They start with cheese and home-made pizza and pasta dough, and end with fresh products from the slopes of Mount Vesuvius. In each of the delicious ingredients, you can taste the burning heat of the southern Italian sun.

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Maßschuhe Hennemann & Braun

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Lovingly handmade quality is always a special pleasure, even more so if it’s seen in something so exclusive as made-to-measure shoes. At Kirstin Hennemann’s and Gabriele Braun’s workshop, everything is about uniqueness. They have mastered the upscale and elegant just as well as completely outrageous creations for bold individualists.

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Felicita Design


Delicate silk and lace, soft hues of white, champagne and cream – the wedding dresses by Felicita make a bride’s heart skip a beat. “Playful and elegant with a hint of vintage” would be an accurate description of the collection. The exquisite materials, the hand embroidery and the perfect fit offer unique luxury. Fittings by appointment only.

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Andreas Murkudis

Andreas Murkudis Store 77 by Thomas Meyer 2017

The best thing in the world is probably earning your money doing something you love, and that is what Andreas Murkudis does in his eponymous concept store, which is maybe the most beautiful in Berlin. You can buy hand-picked fashion, furniture, books, cosmetics and other things far from the mainstream.


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