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Hotel Bristol Berlin
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Experience Berlin from the heart of the city. 

Capital Tastes in Berlin
Published in Food and drink

Dancing your night away till January 1st is a good plan.  

Soft and Light Designs in Berlin
Published in Spend

Shop at our favourite stores in Berlin that will redesign your wardrobe. 

Taste of Berlin in 24 hours
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Spark your tastebuds with exquisite cuisine that Berlin has to offer.

Entrees from Daluma in Berlin, Germany.
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Take your taste buds on a plant-based journey through Germany with these vegan and vegetarian restaurants.

Cosy Dining in Berlin
Published in Food and drink

Berlin's restaurant scene is rapidly growing, putting the city on the map. Known as one of Germany's most alternative spots, Berlin is a hub of local cuisine fused with influences from around the globe. Cosy up in one of these eateries with a delicious plate of food, while it's still cold outside. 

Fresh Discoveries in Berlin
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Building a strong global presence for itself in creativity and culture, Berlin is one lively, distinguished artistic hub. The city wears its turbulent history on its sleeve, with its countless eye-opening historical and memorial sites to check out while you’re there. Berlin recognises its past, and focuses on the future with innovative architecture.

Brunching in Berlin
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Fancy yourself some freshly baked bread, regional delicacies and warm brewed coffee? Berlin's hip centre has a plethora of inviting places to dine for brunch for those lazy risers. 

Europe's Underground Art Scene
Published in Arts & Culture


Often referred as ‘urbanism’, underground art has created increasing traction since the rise of social media. Much like many modern day movements that boom, the anti-movement is always greater, what urban art used to be has become a cultural voice for young artists. Here is where you can discover the pinnacle of Europe’s underground art scene.

The World's Finest Drinking Establishments
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From Speakeasies to quiet establishments, is there anything more pleasant during the winter time than cosying up with a beverage to warm your cockles? Allow LUXOS to take you around the world, one cocktail at a time, to our favourite drinking spots.