Nobelhart & Schmutzig

Nobelhart & Schmutzig is Michelin-starred for many more reasons that one. While the cooking philosophy is clean, the dishes are rustic and flavourful, bordering old-world comfort. Chef Billy Wagner restricts uses no olive oil, lemon, chocolate or pepper, letting the food shine on its own.

What is most remarkable about this restaurant is that it proposes local cooking in a city that is so infused with international flavours, how no one thought about opening Berlino cuisine is a mystery in itself. Someone had to do it, and so Nobelhart and Schmutzig do Berlin. Nine months after the establishment's opening, the Michelin star arrived. Here the dishes are prepared using locally-sourced ingredients from the capital and the city's nearby regions, extending all the way to Brandenburg and the Baltic Sea.

Things are made simple (and good food always is), yet hearty as German cuisine is so known to be, and the chefs offer an opportunity to have an intimate rendez-vous not just with the person across from you at the table, but with the journey of each ingredient to the finished, wonderful product. The kitchen is integrated into the dining and lounge area, as well as the 28-seater counter, allowing guests to observe the cooks at work. Wondering where the name is from? Noble intentions (quality of course), turns Hardcore in the middle (lobster and filet mignon are not the only luxury foods), and ends up finger-licking good and Filthy (Schmutzig) - referring to the final look of your table after you dine, drink and delight in this cuisine.