Ryōtei 893

This upsale Japanese establishment promises an interesting evening, without being lame or snobby. In fact, the people here are so relaxed with their urban hip aura, it's like you're having dinner at a friend's house.

The newest venture from the ever-popular Cocolo Ramen crew, Ryōtei 893 is situated in the posh Western neighbourhood of Charlottenburg in Berlin, and nothing about this place is conventional. Despite the 'worn', urban exterior and graffitti (makes you wonder if that was on purpose), the night spot is popular among the hip and promises excellent food. You'll find that some dishes are more like tapas, great for sharing with members of your party, while other dishes you will want all for yourself. By all means... Despite common notion, the chefs at Ryotei cook more than sushi and lettuce; you'll actually find wonderful seafood and pork roast, as well as vegetarian dishes. Expect some dim lighting on the border of sexy. It seems the West isn't so bad after all.