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LUXOS Reccomends: Dining In Berlin

We have picked our favourite locations in Berlin to eat this summer, try them out if you are in town!

by Eileen Bernardi

 Le Petite Royal

LePetiteRoyal StefanKorte 6

Stefan Landwehr and Boris Radczun of Grill Royal, Dottir and Pauly Saal have moved their empire west with the newly-opened Le Petite Royal in Charlottenburg. Like its sister restaurant, Grill Royal, it is decidedly not all about the food, with service, atmosphere and (often famous) guests somewhat taking centre stage. But lucky for us, the food is also a star, with the kitchen producing French-influenced classics like chateaubriand, steak tartare and lobster bisque.

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Ryōtei 893


The newest venture from the ever-popular Cocolo Ramen crew is an upscale Japanese restaurant in Charlottenburg. Don’t be fooled by the somewhat ‘urban’ exterior, hip vibes and excellent food await.

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Cecconi’s Berlin

Copyright SohoHouse CecconisBerlin 05

Art Deco-inspired interiors and northern Italian cuisine await in this Berlin outpost of the upscale Venetian chain located in the Soho House. cecconisberlin.com

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Noblehart & Schmutzig

Credit Caroline Prange
Espousing a ‘vocally local’ approach to food, Chef Billy Wagner not only restricts himself to traditionally local products, meaning no olive oil, no pepper, but also enables the food to shine in spite of such constraints. noblehartundschmutzig.com

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