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Sawade Sawade

Berlin's Top Eateries This Winter

A little something to keep up your strength in Berlin. 


For sweethearts: the traditional Berlin company Sawade has been creating the very finest chocolate specialities since 1880. From September, the new flagship store at Hackesche Höfe adds extra sweetness to people’s lives, with the very best chocolate, truffles and pralines – with zero chemical additives. We can’t wait to get a taste.

LUXOS Recommends: Luculluspflaume, a praline containing a prune in brandy and rum marzipan, covered in dark chocolate.

IMG 0241 bearbSawade


Panama arranges contrasts into harmonious coexistence: in a historical building, a beautiful modern dining room provides the setting in which you can enjoy excellent German cuisine with exotic influences. This makes for refreshingly unprecedented creations which leave a lasting impression.

LUXOS Recommends: Char-grilled beetroot, lightly smoked trout tartare, curcuma.

Panama 3533 Philipp Langenheim Corina Schadendorf high resPanama

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Pommes Frites

Granted, chips are not the healthiest food in the world. But if you’re really hungry from an extended shopping trip and are looking for something hearty to regain your strength, you should definitely visit Rembrandt and try their sweet potato chips – maybe the best in Berlin.

Rembradt June 18th 2014 291 1Rembrandt Burger via Pinterest


It’s Italy’s most cherished export: pasta in all variations and sizes. Mädchenitaliener specialise in tasty creations such as pasta with fennel salami, figs, pine nuts and rosemary: simplistic and very tasty, with homemade pasta, of course. Advance booking is recommended. 


If you want to visit the Green Door Cocktailbar, first you have to ring the bell at the said green door. Then you enter a very stylish, elegant establishment where the customer is truly treated like a king. It is not so much your regular Irish Pub as a highly recommended cocktail bar with fine British drinks. 

1 Mädchenitaliener
2 Sawade
3 Panama
4 Green Door Cocktail Pub