Berlin's best coffee shops Cafe CK

Berlin's best coffee shops

Berlin’s best coffee shops offer a mix of classic blends. regional specialities and innovative eats and treats.

If you’re seriously into your coffee, then you’ve come to the right city. The third-wave coffee movement has taken off in Berlin over the past few years, which means that there’s a wealth of places to get that perfect brew. Whether you like cold-brewed, siphoned, percolated or French-pressed, our recommendations have got you covered.

The Barn and the Barn Roastery

The-Barn-Brewstations-The Barn Brewstations © Facebook

One of the top specialty coffee roasters in Germany, The Barn has two locations in Berlin Mitte: the coffee shop on Auguststraße and the Roastery on Schönhauser Allee. The coffee itself is exceptional, and the baristas here are incredibly passionate about it. The Roastery in particular is the place to go in Berlin if you’re serious about coffee. Here (though not at their Barn location) you’ll see individual. The menu is geared towards die-hard coffee fans (no sugar or soya milk allowed) but if you’re looking for a gourmet-style coffee experience, guided by trusted experts, then this is the place to be.

Five Elephant

coffee---five-elephant.-from-facebookFive Elephant © Facebook

Five Elephant is famous for two things: it’s cheesecake and its coffee. A speciality coffee shop, bakery and micro-roastery all rolled into one, it’s one of the giants of the Berlin serious coffee scene, with many other cafes (including westberlin, see below) using their roasts. The place itself is cosy and bright, with a great atmosphere. And honestly, try the cheesecake...



This is a somewhat new venture from veteran Berlin cafe owners Oslo Kaffee Bar, having only opened last year, but the coffee and the atmosphere is a real joy. Offering “craft beer, craft coffee and shuffleboard” (the latter is a sort of tabletop game of lawn bowls), the interior is a cross between cool Berlin minimalism and Nordic earthy comfort. When the sun goes down it serves beer and wine alongside the coffee.

Cafe CK

Cafe-CK-2Cafe CK

The atmosphere in this Prenzlauer Berg staple is casual, with vinyl playing in the background and friendly Baristas who are more than happy to talk you through Cafe CK’s selection of machine and slow-pressed coffees. This Cafe was part of the first wave of serious-about-coffee-cafes that have swept through Berlin in the past few years, but they offer much more than just coffee. Their dark green Matcha Tea and delicious banana bread are both big favourites.



Improbably located amongst the Currywurst vans in the tourist trap area near Checkpoint Charlie, this exceptional coffeehouse is a great place to rest after touring the museums and historical points nearby. Beautifully designed with a distinctive modernist, Scandinavian stylishness, the food and the drink here definitely live up to the interior. There are cakes and pastries available alongside more hearty food options, and the coffee is sourced from some of the best local and international growers.

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3 Five Elephant
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