Dancing your night away till January 1st is a good plan.  

Spark your tastebuds with exquisite cuisine that Berlin has to offer.

Berlin's restaurant scene is rapidly growing, putting the city on the map. Known as one of Germany's most alternative spots, Berlin is a hub of local cuisine fused with influences from around the globe. Cosy up in one of these eateries with a delicious plate of food, while it's still cold outside. 

Fancy yourself some freshly baked bread, regional delicacies and warm brewed coffee? Berlin's hip centre has a plethora of inviting places to dine for brunch for those lazy risers. 

A Scandinavian restaurant in Germany? That's right. Try out this exquisite eatery to channel your inner Norse God.

The only fishy thing you'll find in this restaurant is the food, try it out and tell us what you think.

A country that is always thought of for its excellent fish offering, Berlin's Fisherman's eatery proves the critics wrong.

For a slow food come Michelin starred experience, Hugo's is number one when it comes to creating the perfect fusion.

Bieberau, no there's no Justin, but there is a Michelin star that will have your tastebuds singing.

Haute German cuisine is what's on the menu at this well established eatery. Expect to find all the classics with a side of class.