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Spring: By Way of Barcelona

Barcelona is home to great weather, great food, and lots of character. Spring is the perfect time to explore all that this wonderful city has to offer from the parks to quirky tapas bars, here are five must see places in Barcelona this season. 

Ciutadella Park

The Ciutadella Park is a green oasis in the center of Barcelona. The ideal location for picnics, long walks, and row boats on the lake, the park is also home to several attractions including the city zoo and the Catalan Parliament. The waterfall Cascada was designed by Gaudi, where he placed a statue of himself on the fountain. The park once hosted the World Exhibition and continues to be home to many of Barcelona’s coolest festivals.

Park Ciutadella

Day of Saint Jordi
St. Jordi’s day is the Catalonian equivalent of Valentine’s Day. This one-day festival of romance happens every April 23rd where couples exchange gifts; a book is given to the man and a rose is given to the woman. Book and flower stalls line the streets of Barcelona, with some authors even coming up to sign copies of their books. The day is meant to honor the tradition of Catalonia’s patron saint, Sant Jordi, but it is also what inspired World Book Day.

Sant Jordi Day

Carmel Bunkers
The Caramel Bunkers were built in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War to defend against attacks but today they offer some of the best views of Barcelona. The bunkers are said to be one of the Barcelona’s best kept secrets, as they have only recently been restored for visitors to enjoy panoramic views of the city. Besides the jaw-dropping view, this is also the best place to view the sun set over the city and surrounding ocean.

Carmel Bunkers

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Bar Marsella
Built in 1820, Marsella is Barcelona’s oldest bar boasting more than 200 years of history. Sitting in the heart of the Raval district, the bohemian themed bar takes patrons back in time to when guests like Antoni Gaudi, Salvador Dali, and Ernest Hemingway used to visit the leisurely space. The bar is home to locals and tourists alike, serving everyone the bars signature liquor: absinthe with a sugar cube.


Feria De Abril
This weeklong flamenco festival happens every April following the city’s Easter celebrations. This festival embraces all kinds of Spanish tradition including traditional flamenco showcases, horse riding events, and heaping servings of paella. The event takes place in the lively Diagonal Mar area of Barcelona where a Ferris wheel is put up offering incredible views of the city.

Feria de Abril

Greek Theatre Gardens
Created in 1929 for the International Exhibition in Barcelona, the Greek Theatre Gardens are the ideal place to enjoy peace and nature away from the bustle of the city. The gardens include a terrace viewpoint from which many of the city’s mountains can be seen, a beautiful pergola, and the Greek Theatre. The theatre is based off of the Epiduro Theatre in Athens and hosts the Greek Festival each July.

Greek Theatre

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