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Bunker del Carmel Featured

Discover this hidden gem above the city of Barcelona

"Tucked away in a more residential area of Barcelona, Bunker del Carmel may be hard to come across, but when you do you will quickly realize it was worth the hunt. Make an evening out of it by trekking to the top. Bring your wine and cheese to camp out and watch the sunset for an unforgettable Barcelona experience. The views of the city will take your breath away. This sight gives you all the wonder and views of Parc Guel and more, without the sea of tourists. Bunker del Carmel let’s you take a step back from the busy city streets, take in the city as a whole and appreciate the beauty of Barcelona as a whole."

1 Bunker del Carmel
2 MUHBA Turó de la Rovira, Carrer de Marià Lavèrnia, s/n, 08032 Barcelona, Spagna