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Barcelona: Fit On-the-Road Featured

Remain in top shape in Barcelona with these fun and healthy ways to experience the pulse of the city and its surroundings. 

by Catherine Hamilton


sailing pixabay

Experienced sailor or beginner looking for a new sport, sailing in Barcelona will provide a unique and unforgettable experience. Take advantage of the turquoise, crystal clear ocean and sail along Barcelona’s beautiful coast. Business Yacht Club Barcelona offers courses for beginners we well as experienced sailors. Embark on this adventure with some family or friends and learn all the essentials and process of sailing with professional skipper on board. The excursion lasts for approximately 3 hours and the lessons take place year-round from 10:30 -13:30. The Barcelona Sailing School also offers a vast array of sailing lessons and rentals for visitors.

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Paddle Boarding


Weather permitting, rent some SUP boards and spend a few hours paddling around the coast. You’ll be able to look down from your board and see wild sea life swimming below you in the breathtakingly clear water. Moloka’i shop carries many different types of paddleboards for visitors to rent. They also offer lessons and tours for those feeling wary about going out alone.

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sup pilates barcelonaSUP Pilates Barcelona

Combined the power of balance, the resistance of the water and a test of core endurance all in one: pilates on surfboards. Pilates Sup Beach offers morning classes at the beach in Barcelona, and we couldn't ask for anything more energizing and motivating as a morning activity. It's also one great way to stay in shape while travelling and indulging on vacation. The sessions are set up in a cosy angle of the shore in shallow waters. Classes, beginners to advanced, are scheduled all day, from 08:00 to 20:00 so you can reserve your spot at any time.

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If you’re feeling particularly more adventurous or actually know how to surf, rent some boards, take some lessons and relish the refreshing water and waves of Barcelona. Go to the Escola Catalana De Surf and sign up for a lesson. Sign up for a group or private lesson by yourself or with a group. They even offer programs for people with disabilities to experience surfing. Escola also offers rentals if you feel comfortable enough to go out alone or with just a few friends.

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Montserrat Mountains Catalonia Spain - Jan 2007.jpg wiki

Not a water fan? No problem. Take a day trip out hiking around the gorgeous mountain and abbey, Montserrat. The many different trails accommodate hikers of all levels. The trails range from easy to difficult with hike lengths anywhere from 50 minutes to 6 hours. Enjoy the many picturesque views and end your day trip and hike with a glass of wine at the Montserrat Vineyards.

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Possibilities are endless on a bike. Take a bike tour of the city or cycle through Barcelona’s country side. Guided bike tours go through the mountains (like Montserrat), the coast, the countryside, parks and more. If you want a quieter, more intimate experience, map out your route before, rent a bike and immerse yourself in nature. If you want to stick to center city, Fat Tire Tours offers various types of specialized city bike tours as well.

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