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Gothic Quarter chic, Catalunya Tapas in the food market, Antoni Gaudi-style kisses overlooking the city, Barceloneta beach.. shall we continue? Among the 101 reasons to head to Barcelona for a light-hearted, culturally-infused weekend break, LUXOS provides a Catalonian style itinerary for 48 Hours in this colorful, lively city. 

by Catherine Hamilton

 Day 1

9:00: La Sagrada Familia

Head over to Barcelona’s unfinished, yet most iconic landmark, the La Sagrada Familia, just before the crowds arrive. Antoni Gaudí began this masterpiece in 1883 and a trip to Barcelona is not complete without a trip here. We recommend a guided tour as every little detail in this impressive basilica carries vast meaning, and a guide will enhance the entire experience.

La Sagrada Familia 7852725592La Sagrada Familia

10:30: Breakfast at Ugot

After an inspiring morning at the basilica, it's time to linger over the experience with a good breakfast and morning coffee. Head south on Carrer de Mallorca to Ugot. Filled with wonderful, freshly-baked pastries and a breakfast menu with omlettes made in any which way you prefer, this bruncherie brings the goodness of childhood to the modern traveler looking to feel 'home away'. The old warehouse spaces has a wonderfully restored, geometric ceramic tiles, vintage furniture and chic dishes to match.  

12:00: Explore the Gothic Quarter

Discover the secrets and lose yourself in Barcelona’s charming Gothic Quarter. Some of many famous landmarks include the Cathedral of Santa Eulàlia, Plaça de l'Àngel, Plaça de Sant Felip Neri and the Church of Santa Maria del Pi. Also, check out the Barcelona History Museum if time permits. Among the old walls and passageways, this district was also home to the old city's Jewish quarter. The historic community resided alongside the kings and rulers of Spain over the centuries, and there are still remnants of historic synagogues, ghetto areas and in-tact apartments inhabited to this very day. Guided tours of the Gothic district are highly recommended and run daily, or you can use a phone app and guide yourself through all the ancient narrow streets. Stop at one of the many chocolate cafés such as Granja Dulcinea or Granja M. Viader for some authentic churros and chocolate.

Barcelona - Carrer del BisbeGothic Quarter

13:30: Lunch at Boqueria Market

After exploring the Gothic Quarter, walk on over to one of the most famous markets in the world: La Boqueria. Originated in 1701, La Boqueria offers everything from poultry, eggs, meats, cheeses and seafood to fruits, vegetables and other preserves. Winegrowers and farmers alike have been coming here for centuries to sell their best products. Grab a delicious lunch and a sangria from one of the stalls at the market, and wander around slowly to see the colorful and diverse array of cuisine that Boqueria offers. Once lunch is complete, your hands will be free to take photos.

boqueria2-1024x768.jpg apartmentbarcelonadotcomBoqueria Market

17:00: Quick Treat Just Because

If you're in the mood for a quick, cool drink, head over to one of the city's trendy spots, Picnic, on the edge of the Gothic Quarter. There, you can cool off with one of their famous Bloody Mary’s or Pink Lemonade con Vodka.

picnic-barcelona-bc1115Picnic, Barcelona

18:00: Park Güell

Similarly to La Sagrada Familia, first time visitors to the city must visit Park Guell. Explore Antoni Gaudí’s house and the different nature paths available. Sit on the stunning mosaic benches while looking over the city and the ocean. Although most of the park is free, you need to purchase a ticket to access the main look out Bring a bottle of wine and a light picnic up here and watch the sunset over Barcelona.

amazing-rooftop-view-from-parc-guell.jpg barcelona-homedotcomPark Güell

20:00: Tapas at Zona d’Ombra Wine Bar

Just before dinner, head back towards the Gothic Quarter to enjoy some fine Catalan wine and tapas at Zona D'Ombra. This lovely wine bar offers many diverse options by bottle or by glass. The slightly rustic and tasteful ambiance will make you feel as if you are sitting at a winemaking vineyard, among the barrels and country furniture. In addition, this wine bar will take you out of tourist territory where you can feel like a local.

tapas flickrTapas

21:30: Dinner at CLDC Barcelona

If close to the sea is where you're most happy - and so are we - CLDC is the dinner address. Keep it casual attire wise, as the place almost feels like a locale on a Greek island. The evening menu is a mixture between Oriental and Asian kitchens with a Mediterranean touch. Request a table outside, and bring a light sweater just in case. The open air set-up, Morocccan style lanterns and soft Eastern breeze from the late afternooin to the evening make this place quite alluring, with an international collection of chic and good-looking guests. After dinner, the venue turns into a nightclub where you can easily watch the sun rise.

23:00 Onwards: Eclipse Club

If you are feeling adventurous after dinner, walk by the beach and take a step into Eclipse Club. Situated on the 26th floor, Eclipse Club reveals breathtaking, panoramic views of the beaches. Dance the night away while sipping on some exotic, handcrafted cocktails.

eclipseEclipse Bar

Day 2

10:00: Brunch and Cake by the Sea

Possibly one of the most famous brunch locations in the city of Barcelona, Brunch and the Cake by the Sea is a branch of the original Brunch and Cake. Located close to the beach, the interiors reflect the casual, laid-back atmosphere of the city, infused with natural daylight and cozy, urban-meets-country style furniture. Fresh flowers and round tables pour out onto the pavement, where you can bask in sun, engage in people watching and embrace a good cappuccino in the late morning. Dishes at this bruncherie are quite Insta-worth, but we recommend that you live the moment and enjoy the healthy, wildly colourful and delicious meals. 

slider brunch1.jpg cupcakesbarcelonadotcomBrunch and Cake

12:30: Barceloneta Beach

Disconnect and dedicate a few hours in the afternoon to sit back and relax on the beautiful beaches. Here, you can swim, surf, take a pilates class on a paddleboard or sail in the clear, turquoise waters. Many shops around the beach area allow visitors to rent gear for watersports so feel free to follow your sense of curiosity and spontaneity. If the water is still too cold, spot a beach bed and catch up with a good book and enjoy a refreshing cocktail from the beach bars.

barcelona-1892487 1920Barceloneta Beach

15:30: Tapas at Tickets La Vida Tapa

Brothers, Ferran and Albert Adrià earned their fame from El Bulli Restaurant, a culinary establishment that earned 3 Michelin Stars, and title of 'Best Restaurant in the World' by Restaurant Magazine. Following their sweeping success, the Adrià brothers joined forces with the Iglesias brothers and opened Tickets La Vida Tapa Bar. The place specializes in Catalonian tapas with a visual experience that is hard to forget. The way dishes are presented here are somewhat theatrical, leaving you engaged, entertained and eager for more.

Tickets BarcelonaTickets La Vida Tapas Bar, Barcelona

17:30: Montjuïc Castle

Wind down your trip with a visit to Montjuïc Castle. This historic castle served as a military fortress back in the 1600s. After you climb to the top, the exhilarating 360-degree angle views provide the perfect, last opportunity photo operation. Take a peaceful walk through the lunch gardens while listening to the extensive and interesting history that took place in the castle.

montjuic wikimediaMontjuïc Castle

20:00: Dinner at ABaC

Finish off you weekend in Barcelona at ABaC, a 2-stared Michelin Restaurant to ensure that your trip ends on a high note. Born and raised in Barcelona, Chef Jordi Cruz will prepare the meal of a lifetime.

ABAC1ABaC, Barcelona



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