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Kitsch & Chic Boutiques In Barcelona Featured

Barcelona’s is known for it’s cool and edgy take on life. Find out where you can buy a little piece of this with our tailored guide.

Channel your inner Vicky Christina Barcelona in one of these chic Catalonian boutiques.

Mar De Cava

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Interior designer, Mar Gômez has put more than her name on this exciting concept store.The designer’s personality and heart is all over the chic and colourful part gallery, showroom and restaurant. This place is ideal for finding one of a kind pieces by budding young artists before they become famous. Have a sip of espresso before you peruse the colourful pieces at the bar. The friendly staff make this spot feel like home, just don’t nap on the furniture! This adult furniture playground is filled with knowledgable staff who are happy to answer all your questions and sell you on the sofa of your dreams. Mar de Cava doubles as an exhibition space for cultured and artisanal new designers.


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Chandal is the perfect spot to pick up that unique gift you can’t quite find anywhere else. Filled with specialty cameras, obscure magazines and vintage sunglasses, every item here looks like you spent weeks trying to figure out what hyper specific gift to buy them. Situated in El Raval, this shop was birthed from the film passionate owners. Pick up a roll of film and start snapping your Barcelona trip with one of these incredible cameras. Give your vacation photos a nostalgic feel and retreat to a simpler time. The Casio keyboards and retro accessories achieve the highest of Old School status’. Take a trip through time and make your look or perspective more hip, with a trip to Chandal.

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Flamingo’s Gallery

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See the neon pink flamingo sign, and you know you are at the right place. This eclectic thrift haven is perfect for those who love to hunt for a unique piece. Sift through the carefully selected assortment at Flamingo’s for hours. Unlike other thrift shops, this vintage gold mine is only filled with gems, so you will not leave empty handed. With a huge array of vintage leather, it makes it impossible not to want to invest in a statement frayed leather jacket. Pick up a wind breaker from the eighties, a band tee shirt or some classics to add to your record collection. We promise this one stop vintage shop will have everything you are looking for and more.

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Be Concept Store in Barcelona has a collection of eclectic pieces that somehow all come together to set the tone for at three of its Barcelona locations. This clothing store captures the essence of Barcelona’s effortlessly cool beach and city scene look. Grab a t shirt with a slogan on it or a daring new hat. Be is all about trying new styles and patterns that you are not usually used to. Get to know the independent brands and designer this store carries by picking up a lavish soap or hand woven bag. This place is ideal for one stop shopping and even carries polaroid cameras and inventive cookbooks. Don’t forget to pick up a coffee on your way out.

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