Barcelona: Where to Shop

Barcelona is bustling with fiestas all year round and monuments that transcend time and season. And with so much history, passion and culture infused in this bustling city, fashion must certainly follow. From specialty beers to art books and heritage brands, you'll want to these shops to your itinerary. 

In a city the size of Barcelona, your options for shopping can be overwhelming. Simplify your list and make sure these addresses are on your list for shopping in Barcelona.



The history of Caelum is unique. It’s a little piece of ‘heaven on earth,’ a place at which to travel back in time, discover old forgotten secrets and taste traditional artisanal recipes. To create such a place, the owners visited several monasteries throughout Spain and discovered the special philosophy that monks and nuns live by. They aim at creating this sense of spirit. In their original cellar, you can discover where the draft beer made by monks is served.

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La Basílica Galería

La Basilica Galeria La Basilica Galeria

Recently opened in a new location in autumn 2016, La Basílica Galería is a cabinet of curiosities. In addition to hosting contemporary jewellery, photography, art and accessories, it is the largest niche perfumery space in the world. With a perfect eye for detail, owner Pedro has created a whimsical space where someone like Alice in Wonderland would lose herself in. One of their niche perfumes, such as ‘Scent on Canvas,’ makes for a great souvenir.

Jaime Beriestain Concept Store

The cute concept shop and in-house coffee shop was created by Chilean owner and designer, Jaime Beriestain. Cosmopolitan chic and quirky home decor come together nicely, and Beriestain has created a place that reflects his homebase hangout, a place where good friends and family come together. The selected collection reflects his very personal taste and pantone preferences, with inspiration that's good enough to make you want to retouch your own home. There are 500 square meters of shopping grounds, and the cafe menu was curated by the owner and in-house chef. Fresh goods from the local markets is handselected to serve traditional dishes such as hearty onion soup and homestyle cakes.
jaimeberiestainJaime Beriestain, Barcelona

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Santa Eulalia

Santa EulaliaSanta Eulalia

Shopping here is like taking a step back in time to the days when this shop was originally opened, in 1843. Fully renovated in 2011, Santa Eulalia has remained one of the hottest shopping spots in Barcelona. From leather totes to sunglasses and everything in between, you won’t be able to leave this store empty handed. If you fancy a break from the large crowds of shoppers, there is even a café on the top floor where you can enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee on the terrace overlooking the beautiful city.

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Nu Sabates

NUNu Sabates

This small, welcoming shoe store sells only the best brands in handmade footwear. The shop was inspired by Rafi Balouzian’s Cydwoq brand, a handmade shoe brand that highlights the designer’s world-class craftsmanship and design. When the shop was first opened in 2009, this was the only brand the shop sold. Since then, the store has welcomed two more unique, handmade brands: the Italian De Valerio and the Catalan Deux Souliers. This boutique is full of quality products and offers you the chance to purchase the best handmade shoes in Spain.


With a premier collection of men and womenswear, this chic Catalonian shop offers insight into some of Europe's lesser-known heritage houses and young artistic talents, coming from Spain, Portugal, France and Denmark. The old-world meets chic decor is quite the sight and browsing through the collections, it is clear to sense the distinct choice of statement pieces that transcend time, place and trend. Accessories include portfolios, belts and perfumes, and to complete the modern intellectual wardrobe is a handpicked selection of art books.  
Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 18.06.21Boo, Barcelona

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