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Best Asian Cuisine in Barcelona

Barcelona is home to some of the best food in the world. Stroll through the busy city streets and you will find different food inspiration from all around the world, especially Asian inspired. We’ve put together five of the best Asian-fusion restaurants in the city.

Koy Shunka 

At Koy Shunka traditional Japanese concoctions meet the flavors of the Mediterranean, combining to create some of the best Asian cuisine in Barcelona. This Michelin starred restaurant prides itself on their superb nigiri and sushi which is made right before your eyes in the open-view kitchen situated in the middle of the dining room. The exotic, yet refined atmosphere makes the restaurant the perfect place to enjoy fresh seafood masterfully curated to perfection.

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Indochine Ly Leap 

This restaurant is named after Ly Leap, the chef who grew up in Cambodia and opened this restaurant. The flavours and aromas of his childhood are evident in many of the dishes. The inside of the establishment is adorned with hundreds of beautiful orchids, bright coloured fabrics, and koi fish swimming beneath the tables. In short, the atmosphere is spectacular. The restaurant specialises in it’s small plates of Thai and Indonesian cuisine, and even offers a tasting menu to guests looking to try a little bit of everything.

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As one of the oldest and best Korean restaurants in Barcelona, Seoul delivers traditional Korean meals using the freshest, and sometimes spiciest, ingredients. Many of the ingredient used at Seoul have been imported from Korea, such as their Kimchi, providing every dish with an extra taste of mouth-watering authenticity. With an extensive array of menu items ranging from soups to speciality meats and fish dishes, Seoul has so much to offer.

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This beautiful Japanese restaurant provides a one of a kind dining experience to diners. The restaurant is turned into a butterfly garden, creating a Zen and serene atmosphere for guests enjoying their three course dinners. Blending seasonal Japanese dishes and classic sushi plates with soothing music, tranquil lighting and the sights and sounds of hundreds of butterflies, the restaurant delivers on providing a unique experience.



Mosquito is legendary among locals for its draft beer selection and “Asian tapas.” The restaurant’s specialty is dumplings, but anything you order will be delectable and incredible. Do not let the unadorned inside of the restaurant give any wrong impressions – what they lack in decoration they make up for in savory dishes.

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