A surreal and historical venue in the heart of old-town Barcelona

Caelum is a boutique meets café perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Forget organic and gluten free, this shop is filled with traditional recipes that do not hold back on rich ingredients. Caelum sells products produced in monasteries where wise monks who practice restraint and patience, use only the purest ingredients to make these heavenly goods. Located in the Bari Gothic, this antique looking shop feels like a middle aged church basement, in the best way possible. This haunting yet charming spot’s products all exude authentic practices done by the nuns and monks who dedicate their life to it. Try a tart, custard or take home a box of rich chocolates to impress any guests you have coming over.

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Carrer de la Palla, 8, 08002 Barcelona, Spagna

+34 933 02 69 93