It's Always Brunchtime In Barcelona


Enjoy LUXOS trendiest brunch spots throughout the beautiful streets of Barcelona.

These spots will bring you a new appreciation for traditional Spanish cuisine. 

El Foro

el foro

Get a little taste of Argentina in this Barcelona eatery disguised as a French bistro. The dark, warm and industrial decor with high ceilings and exposed brick makes this place stylish and comfortable. Using imported meats, cheeses and pastas, this restaurant provides genuinely authentic Argentinian food options. This spot is known for their variety of excellent and high quality steaks, goat, burgers and pork. A great spot for large or small parties where meat lovers can rejoice in steaks with an Argentinian flare. Try the grilled picanha with roasted corn and chimichurri sauce, or the cod confit with beetroot sauce and quinoa, as recommended by the chef. Come by for lunch during the week, and have their Mediterranean fusion menu.

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La Esquina



La Esquina is the sweet and artisanal restaurant out of your foodie dreams. All ingredients from this soulful spot are locally sourced. The chef who is London born, Alan Stewart was inspired by his grandma’s methods of cooking. These include handmade, humble and simple dishes that are prepared with love. You can taste the love in these expertly crafted soul food meals. The space has a stylish and rustic feel making it incredibly endearing. Comfort food is offered for brunch with the spot’s famous baked eggs, fried egg sandwich and pancakes. Don’t forget to pair your meal with a juice from their extensive menu filled with detoxing and energizing boosts, that make going out last night feel a lot better.

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Ugot epitomizes charm in this warehouse turned cozy eatery. Try not to order a slice of one the delicious looking cakes propped up on the counter. The owner, Israeli Adi Nachson has built a restaurant that exudes French style and glamour, with personal touches like the ornate dish ware, perfectly mismatched seats and quirky gallery walls. This restaurant encapsulates embracing contrast from its sweet decor to Israeli dishes in a French styled spot. Spend a peaceful morning alone with a french novel and a scone or chatting with family over a plate of delicious shakshuka. From the flamingo clad wallpaper to the friendly staff, there are a million reasons why Ugot will be your favourite new brunch spot in Barcelona.

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Caravelle is a spot so perfect for millennials, it also adopts their multi-hyphenate attitude offering brunch, lunch, dinner and coffee. Specializing in all of the above, this taqueria serves tasty dishes packed with flavour. Their cuban sandwich with pork belly, ham and cheese is to die for along with their sky high stacked fried tacos. They are masters of coffee and beer, and take pride in using a semi automatic coffee machine, with sustainably sourced and fair trade beans and beer brewed on site at Caravelle's Nano Brewery. The restaurant’s high ceilings, white walls and mid century modern furniture make it just as aesthetically pleasing as it is delicious. Enjoy the friendly staff and load up on avocado toast.



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