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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in Barcelona Featured

Explore the sweet scene, that makes Spanish cuisine known world wide. 

Enjoy LUXOS list of trendiest spots to dine and dessert in Barcelona.

Brunch and Cake


BrunchandCakeThis chic restaurant throws away all conventions about proper eating times and meal etiquette. Enjoy a salad for breakfast and have french toast with a Spanish spin for dinner. Brunch and Cake uses all fresh, homemade ingredients and processes to ensure the best quality and flavour. The stunning all white and wood interior, makes for a comforting dining experience. Artfully presented meals that are hard to dig into due to their thoughtful placement taste even better than they look! Try their extensive egg menu filled with eggs benedict and scrambled eggs, or try something more adventurous like their waffle with caramelized onion. But whatever you do, be sure to take a gourmet donut to go and you won’t regret it.

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Satan's Coffee Corner



This hip coffee spot is more than a spot to sip and run. Satan’s was one of the first to bring speciality coffees to Barcelona, and has done it with a flare. Tucked away in the back alleys of Ell Barri Gòtic, this urban café is a cool Barcelona secret where you can read, sip on a cortado or enjoy a meal from their rotating menu. Admire the funky decor, succulents, high ceilings and ceiling to floor windows. The stylish staff and quirky artwork make this a special spot, you’ll have recommending to friends in no time. Five minutes away from the Barcelona Cathedral, this unconventional coffee spot without tourists, makes you feel like you aren’t in a tourist hub.

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Federal Cafe



This breezy and natural café uses modern Scandinavian styled decor to create a simple and relaxing ambience for anyone who walks in the door. Their healthy and quality dishes make for a satisfying brunch you can eat while conversing with friends. Sit on the patio and take in the sounds and city life of Barcelona, or sit inside where there are flowers on every table. The extremely friendly and helpful staff will easily make the Federal one of your new favourite brunch spots. This place is the fool-proof option and great for taking guests or family. Located on the stylish Passage de la Pau, you have the right location to start your day on the right foot and appetite.

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Granja M. Viader

Granja M. Viader

Granja M Viader is a delectable café and deli hybrid located in the heart of Barcelona. This vintage styled shop does not just look authentic, the quality of all ingredients and food offered is all real. No fake vintage signs here, this café dates back to 1870 and has updated as the years go by. It has all the old timey charm of a vintage café, with the convenience of Wi-fi. A visit here is not complete without a cup of hot chocolate and fresh churros. Their Crème Catalan is another staple at this humble dessert spot. The perfect spot for those with a sweet tooth, this place will have you dreaming about Spanish desserts long after you leave.


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