Botafumeiro Featured

This city restaurant makes you feel like your steps away from the beach with its delectable seafood offerings.

Enjoy the taste of the sea without trekking to the beach. Fresh and delicious seafood can be found in Barcelona, not just by the beach, but at Botafumeiro. This classic seafood restaurant does fish with an elegant touch. In Vila de Gràcia, this spot exudes elegance, quality and flavour. Forget the plastic bib at home, and dive head first into a platter of in-season, Catalan or Galician fresh fish. Opened in 1975, this restaurant is synonymous with barcelona’s seafood dining scene. You can’t say you have tried Barcelona seafood without a visit to Botafumeiro. Bring family, friends, a date or a colleague to this relaxed setting. Don’t forget to try the Grilled Galacian lobster and rice with flambéed lobster.