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Ugot Featured

From the charming wallpaper to the delicious shaksuka, there are million reasons why Ugot will be your next favourite brunch spot. 

Ugot epitomizes charm in this warehouse turned cozy eatery. Try not to order a slice of one the delicious looking cakes propped up on the counter. The owner, Israeli Adi Nachson has built a restaurant that exudes French style and glamour, with personal touches like the ornate dish ware, perfectly mismatched seats and quirky gallery walls. This restaurant encapsulates embracing contrast from its sweet decor to Israeli dishes in a French styled spot. Spend a peaceful morning alone with a french novel and a scone or chatting with family over a plate of delicious shakshuka. From the flamingo clad wallpaper to the friendly staff, there are a million reasons why Ugot will be your favourite new brunch spot in Barcelona.