Vienna: The Trendy Eateries To Know

Sophistication isn't just how you look and feel, but also where you eat.

From traditional tastes to more modern meals, Vienna has a plethora of dining options to choose from. For the most interesting atmosphere and even more intriuging guests, visit these trendy places across the city. 


Kaffe Alt Wien


Sit down for a hearty meal amongst writers, artists, and journalists at Kaffee Alt Wien, a traditional Viennese cafe known for its creative energy and rustic feel. Throughout the years, the restaurant has become a hub for nightlife, as its smoky, somewhat melancholy atmosphere is more enjoyable once the sun goes down. Posters from different musical artists and theatrical productions line the walls, truly reminding visitors that those at Kaffee Alt Wein have an appreciation of the arts. While any cocktail or dish you decide to indulge in will exceed your expectations, visit this restaurant for its atmosphere and the nostalgia you will experience.

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To embrace the midday energy of the busy city, visit Zweitbester for a phenomenal lunch in a vibrant setting. While the cafè does offer take out, LUXOS recommends actually sitting down for an Instagram-worthy meal. Brick walls and chic furniture make this one of the trendiest spots, and a daily curated menu keeps things fresh. An interesting mix of pressed juices, baked goods, and hearty dishes make Zweitbester versatile while still getting to the heart of your cravings and favourites. 

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Tradition along with a love of beer and wine come together at Reinwein, Vienna’s first wine shop and craft beer bar. The possibilities are endless with sixty-six varieties of brews and forty-one Austrian wines to accompany a dish of seasonal specialties. Cheese plates with spreads, freshly baked bread, and prosciutto ham, as well as tarte flambėe, are carefully prepared as though they are works of art. On top of these savory delights, Reinwein’s brewed lemonades and other boozy twists on the traditional are perfect for sipping on as the sun goes down and your night begins. If you’d rather enjoy the evening in quiet and comfort, you can delve into an extensive book collection that lines the walls and adds to the rustic atmosphere of Reinwein.

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