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Pakta Pakta

Top fusion restaurants in Barcelona

South America seasoned with Asia. With fusion restaurants, anything goes. Don’t ask questions, just eat

Cultures borrow cuisine inspiration from others constantly but what happens when restaurants purposefully combine the most exotic flavours from across the globe? A continental shift in gastronomy. Experience multiple regions of the world just in Barcelona with these top fusion restaurants.


Pakta caption tomates-en-ceviche-de--remolacha-y-naranja-sanguineaPakta

Since 2013, this is another of the famed Catalan Adrià brothers and associates’ fashionable Barcelona eateries with a waiting list, the others including Tickets and 41º. In the Quechua language spoken by indigenous Peruvians, ‘Pakta’ means ‘together, union.’ Cue chefs Kioko Ii, Japanese, and Jorge Muñoz, Peruvian, who are overseen by Catalonian Albert Adrià. www.pakta.es

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Ikibana Sarrià

Ikibana-Sarria-4Ikibana Sarria

One among a triumphant trio of Ikibana restaurants in the city, at which Tokyo meets São Paulo. In fact the restaurant is a celebration of over a hundred years from when, in 1908, the first passenger boat of Japanese immigrants arrived in Brazil, with a few key ingredients on board. Brazilian-Japanese cuisine as a concept was born and caught on like wildfire across the globe. Order a glass of Moët & Chandon and you’ll be treated to some accompanying Wagyu beef Nigiri with ponzu salsa and truffle caviar. That should set the taste buds flowing. www.ikibana.com/sarria

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The fusion story here lies in the sushi experiments, and in the Catalan-Japanese roots of Ernest-Dai Fibla Takahashi who, in a previous existence, sold Japanese food from a bike in New York. He says Hisako is a tribute to his ancestors, and describes the menu as mostly, but not wholly, Japanese. Take, for instance, the aubergine makis with... ham... and soy sauce. A marriage of cuisines that you’re not likely to get anywhere else in the world. www.restauranthisako.com

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Macondo is a fictional town described in Gabriel García Márquez’s magic realism novel One Hundred Years of Solitude, and there is a sense of magic to this colourful venue offering a medley of Caribbean street food in the heart of the Eixample district. Tradition and modernity dance together on the menu which displays a penchant towards fish, seafood, exotic fruits and Caribbean salsas. Veggie and meat options aren’t altogether absent though! A fun and top-quality venue. www.restaurantemacondo.com

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