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Koy Shunka Koy Shunka

Best Japanese restaurants in Barcelona

Have a taste of the Far East even 10,000 kilometers away

We've found some of the best Japanese restaurants in Barcelona offering delicate, healthy, authentic dishes beyond the tried and trusted sushi rolls. These wide spectrum of restaurants still offer vastly different experiences.



Since 1989, a stalwart for Barcelona residents and temporary explorers seeking proper Japanese dishes, that is to say those extending beyond California rolls at a counter. Upstairs is the sushi bar, downstairs a full-blown Japanese restaurant affair with three ‘kotatsu’s (low wooden tables), a Japanese kitchen and a room for private functions. The TeppanYaki philosophy underpinning the restaurant enables diners to watch their food being sliced and seared, such that they get an appreciation of the acute detail that goes into making true Japanese cuisine, and so that their senses are primed. www.yamashitagroup.com

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Under the same umbrella group as Yashima, and the first ever Japanese restaurant in Barcelona when it appeared three decades ago. Dine at the bar, or opt for a table from which you can gaze at theatrical antics in the open kitchen. Yamadori really sits at the top-end of the spectrum of Japanese cuisine, and whilst it has nigiri, sashimi and various rolls covered, best go for the tasting menu option to be able to sample as many as possible of the lesser-known authentic dishes made with finesse. Closed on Sundays. www.yamashitagroup.com

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Koy Shunka

Koy-Shunka-6Koy Shunka

Tucked away in the heart of the old Gothic town is Koy Shunka. The sushi here is much talked about and justifiably so as it is noticeably fresh. The décor is easy on the eye and calming, and the service second to none. Good for lunch; closed on Sunday evenings and all day Mondays. www.koyshunka.com

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