Barcelona's best confectionary cafés Cup and Cake

Barcelona's best confectionary cafés

Our guide to hunting for something sweet in the Catalonian capital


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If you're visiting Barcelona, you'll surely enjoy tapas and sangria, but there's always something to be desired after dinner. Satisfy your sweet tooth by visiting some of the best confectionary cafes in Barcelona and enjoy coffee, chocolate, and ice cream

Cup & Cake

Cup & Cake has several stores in Barcelona. All of them are in different locations and styles but have the same leitmotif: doing everything with love. Artisanal confectionery is slowly hand-made with meticulous attention to details and using high-quality chocolates such as Valrhona. The dominantly milk-white interiors that have been quaintly decorated provide the perfect setting in which to unwind and enjoy muffins, cakes and cookies – all with a cup of organic coffee.

Oriol Balaguer

Tarta 8 Texturas OBOriol Balaguer

Oriol Balaguer’s sweet and chocolate creations blend confectionery techniques and culinary tradition to perfection. Sublime aromas and contrasting textures creating irresistible visual interest are based on both knowledge and experience. This unique space, located in one of Barcelona’s upscale districts, combines design, aesthetics and appetising creations to the point of delightful confusion, and it was his first boutique in Spain. At just 33 square metres, it represents a concentrated universe of delightful taste.



Rocambolesc, a window into the world of El Celler de Can Roca, invites you to come get a taste of what’s cooking and satisfy your sweet tooth. This is why, besides freshly churned ice creams made with natural ingredients, you can find books and fragrances, sweets and desserts which you can savour as you walk down the street or take home to enjoy. At its new location at the Liceu in Barcelona, you can delight in their amazing ice-creams or the famous milk dessert.

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Donuts, truffles, cookies, cupcakes, and marshmallows are all adorned in rich chocolate at this confectionary have. Try the "kruffin," a croissant baked in a muffin tin, for a taste of something truly unique, or a "cronut," a combination between a criossant and donut that reached fame in New York City, which come filled with Oreo or Nutella. Chök also offers savory meals that use dark chocolate for robust flavors.

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If you're someone who loves pastries, you should keep your eye out for Lukumas. A small, quaint cafe that has found the perfect balance between classy and homey, we love to sit at Lukumas after lunch or dinner with a cup of coffee. With some of the best donuts in town, like Oreo glaze, Nutella filled with maple, and dulce de leche with white chocolate, Lukumas is not to be missed, for breakfast or dessert.

1 Chök
3 Oriol Balaguer
4 Rocambolesc
5 Cup & Cake