Barcelona's top restaurants that are perfect for summertime © ArtTe, Barcelona

Barcelona's top restaurants that are perfect for summertime

Take a look at our pick of this season's hot new openings that are here to stay


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Barcelona has seen a change in its restaurant scene in recent years, once the fine dining scene was inhabited by restaurants that favoured lavish ingredients over creativity. However a need for revivification has seen a reimagining of traditional Catalan cuisine as the driving force and the results are excellent, here we chart Barcelona's best new openings of 2015 and the summer season.

Dos Cielos
Dos Cielos is a unique culinary experience. Located on the 24th floor of Hotel Meliá Barcelona Sky, brothers Javier and Sergio Torres are committed to creating fine cuisine against the backdrop of the Mediterrean coastline, mountains and the city. Recognised for its high quality, Dos Cielos received its first Michelin star. Try the 'Culinary Sensograph', an interactive feature where you can create an artwork based on the sensations that you experience from your meal.

The terrace at Dos Cielos

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El Nacional
El Nacional is Barcelona's newest gourmet space that spans over 3,500 squared metres on iconic Passeig de Gràcia. Created by Lázaro Rosa-Violán, the trendy Art Deco inspired venue spotlights fresh products, national cuisine and cocktails, with a menu focusing on fish, meat, snacks, sweets, cocktails and drinks. Not to be missed is the oyster and champagne bar. The expansive space combines four restaurants and four bars, open every day of the year. LUXOS Recommends: Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea to L'Escala.

El Nacional

 © El Nacional

Eclectic means the combination of different elements that creates a new concept. And this is exactly the name and philosophy of this new restaurant. Blending classic and modern, new culinary techniques add touches of different gastronomic cultures to traditional dishes. Chefs and Owners Francesc Chicón and Sergio Musso have given their full devotion to gastronomy from an early age. The décor is simple but warm, which lets you unwind and concentrate on the delicious dishes. LUXOS Recommends: The gastronomic menu


© Eclectic

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Dos Palillos
Albert Raurich, Chef du Cuisine of El Bulli restaurant from 1999 to 2007, embarked on a new venture and opened the Asian tapas bar Dos Palillos, next to the modern hotel Casa Camper. Inspired by the fact that Asians use chopsticks to eat and the Spanish use toothpicks for tapas, the new dining concept blends two seemingly very different gastronomies into a single experience that will surely change the way you think about the traditional Spanish morsels. LUXOS Recommends: 'Dos Palillos' Tasting Menu.


© Dos Palillos

Lando is a restaurant based on classic European cuisine served in generous portions. Let your palate roam free as the kitchen cooks up a storm. Inspired by the aromas of their favourite restaurants, four friends – Toni, Albert, Òscar and Vanesa – filled a void in Barcelona's dining scene. Lando's succinct menu delivers only top quality, ensuring that each dish is unique, with great care and attention put into both sourcing quality produce and preparing the final masterpiece. LUXOS Recommends: Their carrot cake with cream cheese


© Lando

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ArtTe is a space inspired by ancient oriental tearooms that blend art, beauty and harmony, and this is exactly what happens every day in its 400-squared-metre space decorated by Lázaro Rosa Violán. You can enjoy everything from life music concerts to plays for kids, art exhibitions, poetry talks or film projections, in addition to a thoughtful, healthy Mediterranean gourmet menu. The space includes a bistro, tea room and shop with over 70 varieties, and an atelier where artists showcase their works. LUXOS Recommends: Their teas and freshly squeezed juices for breakfast.


© ArtTe

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