Jordi Cruz: Barcelona's hottest chef

LUXOS talks food one-on-one with Barcelona's hottest chef.

Since the age of 14, Jordi Cruz has been in and out of kitchens learning the trade and leaving his mark. At only 25, he became Spain’s youngest Michelin-starred chef and has since earned numerous accolades. In March 2010, he joined the ABaC Restaurant & Hotel where his dedication and skill earned him his second Michelin star in November 2011. We had the chance to chat with Cruz to discover the key ingredients in his delectable recipes.

What are the essential ingredients in your kitchen?

Essential ingredients are always the best products we can find in the market, it’s not something concrete, but the best products of every season and time. We develop a creative cuisine based on the product and combines both creativity and tradition.

What dish best expresses your cooking style?

I can’t say one only. We don’t have a star dish, but a tasting menu which includes our latest and more popular dishes. The Gran ABaC Tasting Menu in its entirety reflects our cooking style.

What inspires you?

That's simple....our guests.

Jordi's recipe for Squab rice with foie and mushrooms, two textures of Manchego cheese and essence of mountain herbs

1 quality fresh squab - Oilve oil (Oleum Flumen Premium) - salt and pepper

Squab trimmings - 200 g small game bones - 2 l mineral water - 1 carrot - 2 onions - 1 white leek - Fresh herbs (rosemary, thyme) - 1dl cognac - 1 dl Porto wine - Butter

200 g mushroom broth - 400 g chicken broth - 100 g Carnaroli rice - 80 g fresh mushrooms (Boletus edulis) - Spring onions - 100 g fresh foie - salt and pepper

200 g Manchego cheese - 200 g mineral water and 200 g milk - 2 g soy lecithin and salt

50 g Manchego cheese

100 g fresh herbs (rosemary, chives, chervil) - 150 g mineral water - 0.5 g xanthan gum - 1 dl olive oil (Oleum Flumen Ninou) - salt


1) Season and roast the squab, then prepare a carpaccio with the meat. Prepare the sauce and let it cook for at least two hours.

2) Prepare the foie and mushroom rice by first sautéeing the onions and mushrooms. Make the risotto with the mushrooms, onion, and broths. In a separate pan, fry the foie, this will then be added to the risotto mixture two minutes before it is fully cooked.

3) Prepare the Manchego dust by grating 50 grams of cheese. The Manchego air requires a more complicated preparation. Grate the cheese, and dissolve in warm milk. Add water and the other ingredients and mix with a hand blender. Leave to rest for one minute.

Assemble and enjoy!

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