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Taste the summer at these seafood restaurants in Barcelona.

Combine healthy with delicious in Barcelona, the sun-kissed city that combines history and modernity.

Indulge not only in the views, but also the tastes, of Barcelona.

Barcelona is home to some of the best food in the world. Stroll through the busy city streets and you will find different food inspiration from all around the world, especially Asian inspired. We’ve put together five of the best Asian-fusion restaurants in the city.

Located in the El Raval neighbourhood, in the centre of Barcelona. Gats is a contemporary restaurant part of the group En Compañia de Lobos.

Dance to the alternative music theme and Indulge yourself in some good drinks at INCÓGNITO 

A surreal and historical venue in the heart of old-town Barcelona

An authentic sensory experience in the best wine bar of Barcelona

Discover new flavours and a unique shopping experience in Barcelona

Enjoy LUXOS selection of top dinning in Spain's popular city.