Greece: A tastebud Paradise

In addition to a wine tasting, experience Greek cuisine through a Ouzo and Honey Tour.

by Tiffany Hollins

It seems as if every meal served in Athens is cooked with ingredients sourced straight from the backyard garden or family farm, just minutes before you arrive. After all, Greece is home to some of the freshest produce and high-quality meat and seafood.Yet there are two things that Greece is also famous for besides feta cheese and yogurt, and that is honey and ouzo.

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Ouzo is a kind of liquor that people either really love or really hate because its strong anise flavor. Greeks have been producing Ouzo for centuries and is still sold throughout the Mediterranean. It is believed to have been created by monks on Mount Athos in the 14th century. However, ouzo distilleries only took off in the 19th century. Now that ouzo has become quite the mainstream aperitif, people want to know more about it.

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Luckily, Green tour company, Travel Smart, created an Ouzo and Honey day tour. Located just one and a half hours from Athens, the tour takes place at Nafplion, and the full day excursion is well worth it. The tour begins at the designated, meet-up location after which the group boards a privately chartered bus to a local ouzo distillery. The tour guide will share the history, distillery tricks, and stories behind ouzo production. The sampling is the best part, and you will learn the best ways to prepare your own ouzo. After you have had your share of fresh ouzo, the next stop is a local beekeeping farm. Here you will work like a pro with a real beekeeping suit, and explore the bees in their natural environment. You will also have the chance to immerse yourself in nature, enjoying a walk through the olive and orange tree groves. Be prepared to taste some of the best honey of your life. Tour participants will receive a platter of Greek sweets with a variety of honey from local farms.

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Joining this tour helps to support the local farming businesses, and the contribution is highly appreciated. You will also have the option to buy some local products to take home as a souvenir. Reservations are highly recommended and tours tend to fill up quickly, so reserve now and do not miss this unique experience. Be sure to bring wear comfortable shoes and light clothes.

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