Armaggan Bosporus

 Welcome to the ARMAGGAN Bosporus Hotel, a waterfront mansion on the shores of the Bosporus.

Originally the summer home of Sultan Abdulaziz, the ARMAGGAN Bosporus Hotel was formerly known as the Beylerbeyi Palace. Although today it serves as an upscale hotel, it is still known known for its palatial-style living experience. You’ll surely feel like royalty amidst the Ottoman architecture beautifully designed by Sarkis Balyan, as well as the hand painted ceilings, silk drapes, antique chandeliers, objet d’art, and other Turkish textiles and embellishments.

This extravagant aesthetic extends to each the ARMAGGAN Bosporus Hotel’s 18 luxurious suites, which are alternatively available for reservation as 3 separate houses or 1 full house. The sedir window seats and large balconies are conducive to easy-going afternoons and idle chit-chat.

At the ARMAGGAN Bosporus Hotel, you can indulge in the finest regional cuisine, the best in Anatolia. The hotel features individual yali dining rooms, traditional Turkish-style communal dining at a large 12-person table, or a spacious terrace dining area with a view that is especially beautiful during the evening with a glass of wine in hand.

Guests can also unwind at the private hamam, a Turkish bath and spa. Offered here are relaxing massages and various holistic spa treatments. Other services to take advantage of are the private jet trips to Cappadocia, or perhaps private after-hours shopping at ARMAGGAN’s flagship stores.

Make the most of your holiday and immerse yourself in Turkish culture and luxury with a relaxing stay at this luxurious hotel.


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Ortaköy Mh., Muallim Naci Cd,Yalı Çıkmazı Sk No:5, 34347 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey

+90 212 227 80 80

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