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A Day in St. Gallen Featured

 An ideal destination for anyone looking to appreciate Switzerland in one of its purest forms.

by LUXOS Editorial

Just a 2-hour train ride from the Baselworld 2019 convention, right near Lake Costanza, lies the historic city of St. Gallen. If you feel like taking the opportunity to explore the area, plan a day trip to see where old time intellectuals and artisans famously cultivated their crafts. This historical and quaint town features several attractions, including a Carolingian cathedral and a wildlife park; it provides also a fast escape from busy life, a peaceful place where one can go when searching for tranquility and beauty.

St. Gallen Abbey Library

St. Gallen’s Abbey Library is a book lovers dream. Created in 1758, it houses 150,000 books and 2,100 manuscripts dating from the 8th to the 11th centuries. The spirit of the Benedictine monks who once lived here remains present inside this world famous library. It is also called the seelenapotheke (healing place of the soul); the Baroque style forms a unique historical ensemble.

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Einstein Gourmet Restaurant and Bar

If you love gourmet food, then you’ll want to explore Einstein Gourmet restaurant. With 17 Gault-Millau points and two Michelin stars, chefs Sebastian Zier and Moses Ceylan won’t disappoint. The classic French cooking blends with avant-garde oriental style and top-rate service to create a dining experience for food enthusiasts. The Einstein Bar also serves cocktails in an English club atmosphere.

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Textile Museum

The Palazzo Rosso in St.Gallen’s old town is home to the Textile Museum and Library. Built in 1886, the museum exhibits handmade and machine embroideries from the Middle Ages to present day, representing textiles from Eastern Switzerland and around the world. The museum shop offers textiles from current designers and brand name St. Gallen manufacturers for visitors to take home.

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