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24 Hours in Lausanne Featured

Charming and breathtaking Lausanne is another one of Switzerland's hidden treasures.

by Angelina Hazzouri

A city filled with exceptional cuisine, stunning architecture, beautiful views of Lake Geneva and so much more, Lausanne offers countless things to do in any season. Featuring the Olympic Museum for sports fans and a gourmet chocolatier for chocolate fans (everyone), Lausanne offers a little bit of everything.


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Lausanne Cathedral

Considered one of the most beautiful gothic art monuments in Europe, the Lausanne Cathedral does not disappoint. Located in the heart of the city, it offers views of the entire city, and it is revered as the spiritual capital of French-speaking Europe. Something unique about this cathedral can be found on the inside: its multi-coloured interior. During the Reformation period this design was covered, but it was later revealed in the 20th century. The statues of the painted doorway, which was restored in 2007, can be viewed today, as well as the rose window that represents the medieval view of the world around God.

Galerie Ecal

Hosting multiple global exhibitions each year, the Galerie Ecal showcases the works of students from one of the world's best visual art schools. Featuring many different types of media, from photography to mixed media to sculpture, the Galerie Ecal offers something for many different art tastes. 

Olympic Museum

Sports fans will love this museum. The Olympic Museum in Lausanne houses permanent and temporary exhibits relating to the past Olympic Games and the Olympic movement, and it is the largest archive of the Olympic Games in the world. Separated into three floors, the Olympic World, Olympic Games, and Olympic Spirit, this museum offers an unforgettable experience for children and adults alike. In addition to its inside, the museum is surrounded by a park containing numerous art pieces of sports.


La Croix dOuchy 1©LA CROIX D'OUCHY

Brasserie du Royal

Offering delicious local specialties from Michelin-starred Chef Marc Haeberlin, the Brasserie du Royal, located inside Hôtel Royal Savoy, provides traditional yet gourmet dining in a laid-back setting. This is the perfect spot for creative brasserie food, with its contemporary twist on Swiss and French classics.

La Croix d'Ouchy

A gourmet restaurant with Italian and French inspiration, La Croix d'Ouchy has been in Lausanne for over 30 years. It's a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike, and their specialty is pasta, in case you'd like to take a break from the French food. With a garden terrace available for dining during good weather, La Croix d'Ouchy has an atmosphere unlike many other restaurants in Lausanne. To explore the specialities of the restaurant, we recommend the tasting menu for a little bit of everything.

La Table d'Edgard

With panoramic views of Lake Geneva and Michelin-starred cuisine, you can't go wrong with La Table d'Edgard. This gastronomic restaurant guarantees exceptional cuisine in a setting that is both urban and peaceful, providing for a unique and sophisticated dining experience. The restaurant has become the "creative laboratory" of the Lausanne Palace, and its dishes are all creatively catered to make every visitor want to return.  

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David Latt flickr©DAVID LATT

Particules en Suspension

With two stores in Lausanne, Particules en Suspension is a fun and unique shop, perfect for finding gifts along your trip to Lausanne. Home and garden decor can be found here, as well as exotic and international food items.

The Liberty Shop

The Liberty Shop is your go-to stop for fashion. Housing collections of Swiss and international designers, as well as exclusive design objects, the store is a ready-to-wear women's boutique offering timeless fashion with some twisted pieces. The Liberty Shop has done collaborations with other designers, and the boutique takes care to import products from all over the world, from Milan to Los Angeles.

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Durig Chocolatier

For a rich selection of chocolate specialities and truffles, head to Durig Chocolatier at its new shop in the center of Lausanne. Featuring Swiss and organic fairtrade chocolate, Durig offers gourmet chocolates made in-house from the finest cocoa beans, cocoa butter, and entirely natural ingredients. In case you're feeling generous, this is a great place to purchase gifts wrapped in their signature boxes.... but try not to finish it all on the flight home.


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