A Day Trip To: Heiden, Switzerland Featured

A little-known delight near Lake Constance, Heiden is a  wonderful idea for a day trip when visiting Switzerland.

by Diccon Bewes

Heiden 1

Heiden’s tranquillity and prosperity are the result of its location, perched 400m above Lake Constance and with abundant fresh air. Both those made it a popular health resort for Victorians, a tradition that continues today. Most buildings have a chic uniformity, even down to the colour – varying shades of off-white – thanks to a date etched into Heiden’s memory. On 7 September 1838 the town was decimated by a huge firestorm, prompting a mass reconstruction in classic Biedermeier style.

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Henry Dunant Museum 2

One of the best small museums in Switzerland is almost reason enough to make the trip to Heiden. A few rooms of the former hospital house a remarkable testament to one man’s life and legacy. That man? Henry Dunant, founder of the Red Cross, who lived here as a near-hermit from 1887 until his death in 1910. His monumental contribution to mankind, and his own sad life, are documented in fascinating detail.

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Fernsicht 2

Fernsicht is a restaurant that makes the most of its location in every way. Not only does the summer terrace have one of the best views in town but the owners concentrate on using seasonal produce from local farms and suppliers to create traditional dishes. So much as that they have christened their cuisine ‘Swiss Alpine Food’, and rightly so.

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