24 Hours in Switzerland: The Interlaken Way

Switzerland is known for its beautiful glaciers, exquisite lakes, and fun outdoor activities. We have chosen your guide for 24 hours in Interlaken, Switzerland. Get ready for some exciting adventure and as always, great memories that will never be forgotten.

Start your morning at Interlaken in the most relaxing and unique way possible: a Kayak tour on the icy blue lakes with views of snowcapped glaciers. This early-bird experience lasts three hours, with a break for a little morning breakfast of cookies and tea. While the waters may still be chilly, the dry suits will keep you toasty. This laid-back tour will soothe your mind and soul, and the morning sport will work up an appetite for a big and well-deserved lunch afterwards.

kayaking in switzerlandKayaking in switzerland

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Next on the list? Lunch. Hit up OX Restaurant & Grill where there is a variety of fresh cuisine on offer, and the best outdoor seating. Order a rich, fancy salad, freshly cooked soup, a mozzarella appetizer, baked salmon for healthier options - or indulge in the specialty ox at this hip restaurant. These dishes of generous portion will leave you plenty full, but you will be more than capable of continuing on with your day full of adventures ahead of you.

oxOX Restaurant & Grill

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Let your lunch settle before participating in another once-in-a-lifetime experience. Keep your pace slow and casual with a little bit of afternoon shopping - because you can never have enough swimming gear or charming memoirs in your pocket. Let your first stop on the shopping itinerary be the Swiss Mountain Market Unique Regional Souvenirs. This outdoor market is filled with local and handmade souvenirs. You can bring your friends and family back something that is a little more special than the usual souvenir found in every souvenir shop. Everyone knows that you simply cannot go to Switzerland and return without chocolate. Try Swiss Chocolate Chalet, where the employees will guide you through the selection and recommend their favorite choices.

Swiss Mountain MarketSwiss Mountain Market

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It is time for more adventure in the beautiful Swiss lakes and glaciers. This time, we recommend something much more exhilarating: Hang Gliding Interlaken. This is a breathtaking and unique experience, especially if you only plan to do this once in your life. Cure your fear of heights with the beautiful views of Switzerland spread out before you and take in the fresh air. The scenery is well worth the adrenaline rush.

HanglidingHang Gliding in Interlaken

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End your thrilling day at Interlaken with an outdoor dinner. La Terrasse has the most lovely outdoor terrace with breathtaking views. You can stare out into the mountain views and green landscapes all night, and enjoy the finest Swiss cuisine. Try the Scottish Salmon with carrots, ginger, and fresh oranges, or the French duck breast with beetroots, navets, & thyme-honey sauce. For dessert, the Victoria’s Dark Secret is well worth the expended calories of the day. A good bottle of wine after a long day of adventures and activities is perhaps the best way to end the day, as the sun makes way for the night stars. 

La TerrasseLa Terrasse

Speaking of which, for a different kind of sleeping experience, you can trust the Swiss to deliver something exceptional. With no real 'check in' process or reception desk, the Null Stern Hotel is a five-star experience with nature. The founding brothers behind this initiative reimagined sleeping under the night sky, with the bare necessities: a grand bed, side tables and night lights. A private butler - who is also a local farmer from the nearby agricultural grounds - will serve guests breakfast in the morning and assist with anything needed to on-site. An ensuite is arranged for overnight guests. Bookings can be made under good weather conditions, and may be cancelled if Mother Nature decides to hydrate the landscape.

null-stern-hotel-switzerland-alps dezeen ban 0Null Stern Hotel, Switzerland

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