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Discover Switzerland's St Gallen

Discover the gem of Eastern Switzerland.

The city

Only an hour from Zurich but not on most tourist itineraries, St Gallen is the undoubted highlight of eastern Switzerland. The focus of this small city is the splendid Abbey, the last remaining part of a once-powerful monastery. Its wedding cake architecture and elaborate Rococo interiors will leave you speechless. And the old town around the Abbey is a treasure trove of decorated windows, medieval houses, painted shutters and narrow streets. Perfect for a day’s exploring.

DB St Gallen 3St Gallen

LUXOS Recommends: you have to look up when strolling round the old town or you’ll miss the oriel windows 

The sight

Is this the most beautiful library in the world? There can’t be many that are more astounding than the Abbey Library of St Gallen. Its ornate Baroque style dates from the mid-18th century but its priceless book collection goes back even further. This is Switzerland’s oldest library, with illuminated manuscripts and tomes from 400 A.D. onwards. Not to be missed! 

DB Abbey insideAbbey Library

LUXOS Recommends: Don’t wear high heels as you’ll have to take them off to protect the floor 

The restaurant

After more than ten years working at the Jägerhof, Agron Llieshi is now firmly in charge. He took over the acclaimed and elegant restaurant in the summer of this year and is already putting his own mark on it. Originally from Kosovo, Agron focuses on products from his new home (he is now a Swiss citizen) with seasonal and local ingredients to the fore. 

JNgerhof 1Jägerhof

LUXOS Recommends: Go for broke and indulge in the whole 7-course menu 

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