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The View Hotel, Lugano

Boutique Hotel in Lugano rides the cutting-edge

by 15 September 2016

Outside THE VIEW’S exterior balcony, the reasoning behind the luxury hotel’s name becomes undoubtedly apparent with beautiful surroundings of the Lugano Lake and mountains. Inside, the hotel takes on a different sort of persona – but also with good taste. With a contemporary-modern style done so magnificently that the design seems borderline futuristic, guests at THE VIEW have the duality of antiquity in the luscious green mountains and ever-turquoise lake, as well as a hotel that’s simply ahead of its time.

THE VIEW’S sixteen Junior Suites and two Suites are designed in a sophisticated and innovative manner for the perfect satisfaction in hotel-stay. With the inclusion of rare materials such as teak floors, fine satin and linen; there is a feeling of exclusivity – allowing for an elegant and luxurious environment. In addition; all rooms come with an enchanting view of Lake Lugano, personalised service, chromoshower and fully stocked mini bar, all to enhance the guest experience to the maximum.

With the hotel’s spa and pool facilities, THE VIEW creates a set of tranquil environments in a supremely advanced form of mastery. In the spa, treatments are designed individually for guests needs – providing for a personalised and original rejuvenation. Featured with the spas amenities are two Hamman Rooms, two Saunas, four Thalassotherapy Treatment Rooms and a Salt Room. Secondly, THE VIEW’S indoor pool is designed exquisitely with contemporary-style – with a play of lighting that creates a soft feeling of relaxation.

The delicious cuisine of Innocenti Evasioni, THE VIEW’S authentic Italian restaurant, thrives with traditional dishes for ideal culinary indulgence.  The menu changes seasonally, in order to provide guests with the best products in their prime time. THE VIEW also includes a bar that serves cocktails with rare panache and other ingredients, as well as a wide array of tasteful finger foods.  


Via Guidino 29, 6900 Lugano Paradiso, Switzerland

+41 91 210 00 00