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Restaurant 45 Restaurant 45

Best restaurants for food and tourism in Switzerland

Where to find the best in fine dining near the main tourist hotspots

With these restaurants, you can experience Switzerland through both sights and food almost simultaneously. Here are the best located spots that also serve your needs for luxury as well.

Capri in Zermatt

Capri-Ristorante-18Ristorante Capri

The Matterhorn is top of most visitors’ must-see list for Switzerland, and any proper look at it requires a trip to Zermatt. At the heart of the car-free resort is the venerable Mont Cervin Palace (Cervin is the French name for that famous peak), which opened in 1852. And here in the heart of the Alps is a slice of Italy, the Ristorante Capri withresident chef Salvatore Elefante. All the finest ingredients come direct from Switzerland’s southern neighbour. Buon appetito! www.montcervinpalace.ch

Old Swiss House in Lucerne

OSH-LucerneOld Swiss House

It’s hard to miss the Old Swiss House as it stands right beside the most famous sculpture in Lucerne, the Lion Monument. But thankfully its prime location doesn’t mean that it’s a tourist trap. The half-timbered building dates back to 1858 and the beautiful but traditional interior reflects that history. Over 30,000 bottles of fine wines lie in the cellar. www.oldswisshouse.ch

Restaurant 45 in Montreux

restaurant-45Restaurant 45

Chateau de Chillon is one of the most visited sites in Switzerland, and rightly so. It’s a truly magnificent castle and so a visit there deserves a meal to match. Luckily just along the lakeshore in Montreux is the Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic, with its Restaurant 45. This modern bistro comes complete with a terrace and panoramic views of Lake Geneva. www.suisse-majestic.com

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