Villa Orselina Villa Orselina

On the Border: Food in Ticino

Discover the delights of Switzerland’s Italian-speaking canton

The southernmost region of Switzerland is a city of blended cultures. Ticino offers the best of both worlds by introducing Italian flair to Switzerland. The mix inspires food as well. Here are a few restaurants offering the most quintessiential delights of the region.

Castello del Sole

19-Castello-d-SoleCastello del Sole

Pure luxury! Sitting beside Lake Maggiore and surrounded by landscaped gardens, the Castello del Sole certainly knows how to pamper its guests, not least in its premier restaurant, Locanda Barbarossa (or in high summer in the Cortile Leone). Many of the ingredients are grown on the hotel’s own farm next door and chef Othmar Schlegel has been cooking with them here for almost 30 years. Even after all that time, his inspiration and creativity show no sign of fading.

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Villa Orselina

villa-orselinaVilla Orselina

Its location is hard to beat: high up above Locarno near the famous Madonna del Sasso church and with jaw-dropping views of Lake Maggiore. It’s almost worth coming to the villa’s Il Ristorante purely to eat out on the beautiful terrace! But of course it’s the food that make a visit worthwhile. This is Italian cooking at its best, served with the best Swiss views.

Conca Bella

conca-bella-Caviale-di-pollo 2Conca Bella

This lovely restaurant is only just in Switzerland: 15 minutes’ walk down the road and you’re in Italy. So it’s no surprise that the young star chef here, Andrea Bertarini, is Italian – or that his dishes are inspired by ingredients from both sides of the border. His sense of artistry on the plate is probably down to him being a passionate photographer.

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1 Castello del Sole
2 Villa Orselina
3 Conca Bella