Park Hotel Vitznau, Lucerne Park Hotel Vitznau, Lucerne

Switzerland's top lake-side restaurants

Breathtaking locations and mouthwatering food on the shores of three Swiss lakes.

What better way to spend the day than lounging by a Swiss lake and enjoying delightful restaurants? Here are five top lakeside restaurants that will certainly take your breath away - either from the savory food, luxurious ambiance, or simply both.

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1. Focus


Nenad Mlinarevic is just 34 but is definitely the rising star of Swiss cuisine. Not only two Michelin stars but also Gault&Millau’s Chef of the Year 2016, and that without featuring any lobster or caviar on his menu. He gathers his herbs locally, uses exclusively Swiss products and says that nature is his inspiration. For that he only need look out the windows: Focus is in the waterfront Park Hotel in Vitznau, so has stunning views over Lake Lucerne from its huge windows.

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2. Arté al Lago

arte 39 highArté al Lago

A restaurant inside an art gallery that sits right on the shore of Lake Lugano. However, the marvellous views both inside and out are soon just wallpaper once the food arrives for your eyes to feast on. Chef Frank Oerthle makes the most of the location to earn a Michelin star and delight your taste buds with his piscatorial specialities.

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3. Anne-Sophie Pic

annie-sophie-picAnnie-Sophie Pic

Having the restaurant for one of Switzerland’s grandest palace hotels is quite a challenge, but renowned French chef Anne-Sophie Pic exceeds all expectations. The decor is simple yet beautiful, the service discreet yet wonderful, and the food is perfect yet colourful. A winning combination of tradition and invention beside Lake Geneva.

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4. Quai 61

web zurich gastronomie quai61Quai 61

Since the Quai 61 is built on the water, you’ll feel as though you’re floating on Lake Zurich while having your meal. Enjoy a perfect view of the city from your table or stand at the bar on the sundeck for a refreshing drink. Regardless, your breath will be taken away.

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5. Izumi


Located in the Four Seasons hotel, Izumi presents quality Japanese food through Nikkei cuisine. The restaurant boasts a panoramic view of Geneva’s lake with a stunning rooftop terrace. If the intimate ambiance doesn’t make your experience, the sashimi or tiradito certainly will.

1 Focus
2 Arté al Lago
3 Anne-Sophie Pic
4 Quai 61
5 Izumi