Switzerland's top ski-slope restaurants Blue Lounge Blauherd Zermatt

Switzerland's top ski-slope restaurants

Nowhere is the term 'room with a view' more appropriate than for these five-star on-the-piste restaurants with stunning vistas and mouthwatering cuisine.

As every good skier knows, when you leave the slopes, you need something to heat you up, both inside and out. So get out of the chill in these restaurants and enjoy hot hearty cuisine whilst gazing at stunning views that are sure to warm the cockles of your heart.

Blue Lounge Blauherd Zermatt

You don’t have to be an expert skier to enjoy the breathtaking view of the mighty Matterhorn. From the town of Zermatt, you can admire its snowy caps from the comfort of Blue Lounge’s fireplace, as the live band and DJs get the evening started. But if you are feeling sporty, go for an exhilarating moonlit ski run nearby, and come back to Blue Lounge for a three course menu. The Flammenküchlein is not to be missed, made even more festive with a little Moët & Chandon afterwards. www.matterhorn-group.ch

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115 0866 hotel wetterhorn food 15 bydavidbirriHotel Wetterhorn

It doesn’t get any better than this: Lake Brienz and the breathtaking nature surrounding Hotel Wetterhorn present a picture-perfect experience in the heart of Switzerland. While the year-round menu featuring local ingredients is a highlight, cultural evenings are not to be missed, as the chef prepares a 4-course menu that you can enjoy accompanied by excellent live music. Stop by their bar for a glass of Hasliberger Heuschnaps, and explore their wine cellar Cantina 1313. www.wetterhorn-hasliberg.ch

Bergrestaurant Bühlberg

buhlbergBegrestaurant Bühlberg

A culinary haven just 15 minutes by car from Lenk, Bergrestaurant Bühlberg makes a great stopover after you hike, mountain-bike or drive through the beautiful surrounding area. Take in the panoramic view from the restaurant, as you dip into the fondant deluxe with a bottle of Petite Arvine from Sion. A quick bread soup with mountain cheese, or the bountiful house salad will fill you up the right way before you continue your sightseeing. www.buehlberg.ch

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Bergrestaurant Stafelalp


Formerly a modest, traditional Swiss restaurant, the interior of Stafelalp got a makeover a few years ago. Now, the restaurant is bright and classy, with sheepskin seats and breathtaking views of the Matterhorn with a roofed terrace. Enjoy stewed lamb dishes and delicious Swiss wine from the foot of the largest mountain in Switzerland. www.julen.ch

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Run by Höfu and his wife, who live upstairs, this restaurant is sure to give you a truly Swiss dining experience. You'll feel almost as if you are sitting in someone's living room with a roaring fire and cozy atmosphere. Serving regional Swiss cuisine, Höfu specializes in red meats, which they serve tender and paired with red wine. Sit on the terrace if you want a view of the sunset in the evening. www.zermatt.ch

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2 Berghaus Stafelalp
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