The most innovative restaurants in Gstaad

The most innovative restaurants in Gstaad

Reach new culinary heights at these mountain-side restaurants in the ski resort of Gstaad 

Get off the slopes and into the warmth of one of Switzerland's best mountainside restaurants. There's no better way to truly experience Switzerland's beautiful geography and its hearty gastronomy. 

Restaurant Hotel du Pillon

130305 025 2-2Hotel du Pillon

On your way to Les Diablerets town centre, take time to make a stop at the very charming, historic Hotel du Pillon. Let owner Francis Barlier spoil you during your visit while tucking into a traditional fondue or raclette cheese sourced straight from the village cheese-maker himself. Take in the stunning view from the panoramic terrace over a glass of wine. Simply perfect.

Mountain Restaurant Eggli

eggli berghaus5Eggli

High up on 1550 metres above sea level is a prestigious ski resort that doubles as an ideal setting for a delicious lunch. Eggli offers a breathtaking view of the Bernese, Valaisan, Vaud and Freiburg Alps from its panoramic terrace. Get there hiking, skiing, ski-lifting or sledging and work up an appetite for Swiss specialties here. Cosy up by the fireplace and tuck in. www.gstaad.chr

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Berghaus Rellerli

berghaus rellerli chemineestube2Chemineestube2, Flickr

Up upon 1837 metres is a mountainous haven that attracts hiker in summer and skiers in winter. Berghaus Rellerli dishes up a traditional Swiss meal against the backdrop of the Saaneland and the Bernese, Vaud and Fribourg Alps. Whether you want to enjoy a nice lunch or just stop by for a drink on the terrace, Rellerli is perfect any time of the day.

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Restaurant Les Vioz

restaurant-les-viozRestaurant Les Vioz

Stop by Les Vioz for a mountaneous meal including croute, fondu, and a variety of burgers. Order the menu du jour and receive an appetizer, entree, and dessert of the chef's choice. Best of all, Les Vioz is surrounded by snow-capped peaks, dusted trees, and two igloos. It doesn't get more picturesque.

Auberge De L'Ours

restaurante-auberg-de-loursAuberge De L'Ours

With the choice of small, intimate seats or larger, more social tables, Auberge De L'Ours is suited for any size meal. Serving up fondue, beef, and marinated venison, De L'Ours serves up a hearty Swiss meal to warm you from the inside out. And best of all, its close to the mountains, so after skiing you can dine on the terrace with views of the Matterhorn.

1 Restaurant Les Vioz
2 Hotel du Pillon
3 Berghaus Eggli
4 Berghaus Rellerli
5 Auberge de L'Ours