Brauquöll Appenzell Tour

It must be something in the water in Appenzell trickling down the Alps, attracting you to stay and sipping on a beverage.

by Carla Drysdale

What is so enticing about this Swiss town? It’s the pure spring water trickling through the Alpstein massif that gives the beer its unique flavour, along with homegrown barley and hops. A 40-minute visit to the Brauquöll Appenzell visitor centre will satisfy your curiosity (and thirst) about Appenzeller Bier, which has been brewed by the Locher family for five generations. Pre-registered groups of at least 10 can also enjoy beer tasting in the historic cellar. 

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Locher Brewery AG Visitor Center

Brauereiplatz 19050 Appenzell

+41 (0) 71 788 01 76

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