Amazing Outdoor Activities in Switzerland

Enjoying all the Swiss mountains have to offer doesn't necessarily mean climbing up them. Find out about the wonderful outdoor activities you can get involved in when you visit Switzerland.

by Diccon Bewes

 Coming down the mountain

Grindewald First mountain cart 1 c Jungfrau Railways

What goes up, must come down, but not always in a cable car or on foot. You can be more adventurous and hire a trottinett, which is a cross between a scooter and a mountain bike, and is simply great fun for everyone. Many places, such as St. Moritz or Grindelwald, offer these (with a helmet, of course) while other spots, such as Leukerbad or Lenzerheide, have monster scooters with huge all-terrain wheels for going off the beaten track. Just be sure to test the brakes first!

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Hanging by a thread

Rope Park Pradaschier 1

Even when in the mountains, you don’t always have to go up one only to come down again. There are adventurous possibilities that don’t involve hurtling downhill, such as a rope park, where all sorts of obstacles are there to challenge you. Rope bridges, zip lines, tree houses, ladders and high wires, none of them needing any prior experience or technical ability, though sturdy shoes and a head for heights will help. Many also have special sections for young children. Rope parks can be found everywhere but we liked the ones in Atzmännig, Flims, Pradaschier and Saas Fee.

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Wet and wild

rafting-882399 960 720

One of the most exciting activities in the Alps is to go river rafting, so making the most of the rushing waters and dramatic landscape. Unlike the other adventure ideas we’ve given here, you should never do this one on your own or without a professional guide from a reputable company (which will provide all the equipment and instruction needed). However even total beginners can enjoy the thrill of dashing downstream in a dinghy and bouncing over the white water. Our favourites spots are along the upper Rhine valley near Ilanz and in the Lütschine valley near Interlaken.

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A mountain of adventure

santis-cable-car-505980 960 720

If you want as much adventure as possible but all in one location, then head for Grindelwald First in the Bernese Oberland. Here you can come down the mountain in three different ways, each as thrilling as the last. A cable car whisks you from Grindelwald itself up to top of First mountain, 2167m high, and then the fun begins. Section one is the First Flyer, a zip-line ride where you sit in a harness dangling above the ground and whizz down a wire at 84km/h. Not for the faint-hearted but great for live videos.

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