Camino de Santiago, Spain: a guide

Experience the Camino de Santiago the 5-star way, courtesy of Alberta La Grup



In the north-western corner of Spain lies the legendary Camino de Santiago (the Way of St. James) which has been a pilgrimage destination for centuries. Different people go there for different reasons: to get away, to celebrate a milestone, to reconnect with family and loved ones… Some embark on a solitary journey to escape from the city and seek renewed spirituality.

While the Camino de Santiago can be a life-changing experience, not everyone is into ‘toughing it out,’ giving up all the day-to-day comforts just to say “I’ve done it.” This is where Alberta La Grup comes in, offering a made-to-measure version of Camino de Santiago with their savoir-faire, so that you can go above and beyond to enjoy it the 5-star way with their impeccable service.

Accommodation is one of the first things to think about, and charm is the key word as Alberta La Grup searches the ideal places for you. You can stay at country houses, pazos, Indian palaces, inns and unique locations that offer both history and comfort. If you think that hiking is all you will be doing, think again, because the agency will plan your journey according to your personal fitness level and interests. In different regions, you can experience everything from cider tastings, guided tours of fishing villages and dairy farms, see performances in honour of the St. James Holy Year, and admire the sunset from great cliffs and stunning beaches that stretch far into the horizon.

One of the best examples of the Camino de Santiago is The Northern Route  (Camino del Norte) which goes from Santander to Santiago. Besides flying you into northern Spain through Barcelona and Madrid international airports, Alberta La Grup also provides a private jet service in partnership with NetJets.

After private transfer from the airport, you can enjoy three hours with a personal shopping service to get everything you need. You will be given the complete itinerary of The Northern Route, with a list of recommended activities and must-sees along the beautiful coastal itinerary.

After settling down in comfortable accommodation, the next morning a champion’s breakfast prepared with local ingredients is served and you can fuel up with a daily picnic along the way. Contrary to most backpacking trips, with Alberta La Grup’s itinerary you will have really good food. You can enjoy a wonderful lunch and dinner at restaurants, pubs, cider houses and venues off the beaten track.

More wonderful surprises await you, such as winery visits, a tour of Romanesque monasteries, castles and caves, rafting, and even a game of golf on an 18-hole course. If you are ever worried about being isolated out there, don’t be, because a remote personal concierge is at your service. If you prefer to travel the route by bicycle, the organization can provide bicycle transfer as well.

At the end of your day, why not enjoy a sport or therapeutic massage in the comfort of your hotel room? “But what about my luggage?” you may ask. That is the last of your worries, as the agency will take your bags from one destination to the next, so all you have to do is have fun.

While every step of the Camino de Santiago itinerary can be personalized, Alberta La Grup’s Suite 501 formula for a great experience remains unchanged: unique ideas, exclusivity and maximum comfort ensure the journey of a lifetime.

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