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Home to the good life, good weather and authenticity, shopping in Seville is that of a rare gem with it's exclusive boutiques and handcrafted products. Snap-up some authentic Spanish style in these favoured boutiques.

by Ashleigh Searle


This lovely little boutique, located on Calle Pérez Galdos, 1 specializes in colourful, seasonal womenswear. On the rails hang the delicate, handcrafted pieces, perfect for if you’ve not packed the right wardrobe. In addition the boutique also holds workshops on knitting, sewing and fashion design.

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La Seta Coqueta

This upmarket concept design store prides itself on its dedication to ‘reliable consumption’ and ‘eco-friendly fashion’. Opened in 2011 by Sole Ferrer, who, after running a few laps around the world decided to start a small business in the city. Today La Seta Conqueta is a place where fashion, art and crafts coexist in harmony, the shop celebrates culture, commerce, the feel of the neighborhood with individual pieces that are each a delight in their own right.

Rachels puzzle things Poema hojas 2

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The forward thinking gallery in downtown Seville sells contemporary pieces from local, as well as international artists. Much of what’s on show here is for sale, with a lot of Spain’s top artists clamoring to get a space on one of their walls. The feel is distinctively contemporary and modern art. The studio also holds workshops and lectures about investing in art, so make sure to check the website for their full schedule and listings.

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Zaguan 24

Located near the cathedral and specialising in gourmet products including olive oil, vinegars, wines, Spanish tortas de aciete (oil cakes) and well as natural cosmetics. This is the place to come for take-home delicacies and food orientated souvenirs. Zaguan’s are knowledgeable and friendly, happy to chat to any passerby about the food heritage of the city, as well as advise about the perfect gift to take home.

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El Jardín

No boutique guide to Seville is complete without a mention of the pottery and ceramics industry. In this beautiful little shop, there’s a plethora or handcrafted jewellery, accessories, gifts, ceramic tiles and pottery. Located in the center of the city, this little store is well worth a visit for the culture education and the souvenirs.

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