Swim through the infinite mountain ranges of La Nava del Barranco Swim through the infinite mountain ranges of La Nava del Barranco

Escape into The Surrounding Nature of Madrid

Three villas in the countryside outside Madrid offer activities ranging from pure adrenaline to complete relaxation

by 13 October 2016

If the energy of the city gets a little too much for you, luckily there is an escape route not far from Madrid. A short drive takes you to some magnificent villas in spectacular natural environments. You find yourself in a totally different world, and you can revel in the wild beauty, try your hand at a round of golf, sneak off for a few hours of pampering in the spas, or simply wine and dine in a leisurely setting. There is an abundance of beautiful accommodation and entertainment to choose from. 

La Nava del Barranco

The private runway of La Nava del BarrancoThe private runway of La Nava del Barranco

The private estate La Nava del Barranco offers a seemingly endless list of activities: swimming pool, golf, gym, tennis courts, a movie theatre, spa, sauna, horse riding, mountain biking as well as hiking. For added convenience, there is a private runway perfect for guests arriving from international destinations. The staff offer complete privacy as well as personalised attention to all details. If you like the idea of some extra excitement during your stay, consider a horseback ride, some clay pigeon shooting, quad bike riding or 4 x 4 driving. You can take driving lessons, and learn about rally driving and controlling your vehicle in extreme situations. If you prefer something a little more relaxing, consider a yoga or Pilates session, or spoil yourself in the spa with a massage or a new hairstyle.

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Finca Prados Riveros

Host your dream wedding in the outdoor nature of Fina Prados RiverosHost your dream wedding in the outdoor nature of Fina Prados Riveros

Another good example of a countryside retreat is Finca Prados Riveros, absolutely beautiful as a luxurious wedding and event location, and with all that is required to cater for both private and corporate functions. With an intriguing mix of props, both vintage and classic, you will find your photo album filled with beautiful memories and stories for years to come. The Prados Riveros is set on a perfect 12 hectares of private estate, found within the Guaderrama National Park. It’s just a 110km drive from the centre of Madrid to Rascafria. 

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The Finca has a beautiful farmhouse which can comfortably sleep 16 people. The villa is fully equipped with essential comforts such as wi-fi, plasma television and a cosy fireplace for those winter nights. All you have to do is arrive and relax. They also have a football pitch and a volleyball court for those of you interested in playing some sport. Spending time in this beautiful getaway is sure to soothe the soul and have you feeling refreshed and ready for your next adventure.

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Finca la Estacada

If wine and relaxation are things that appeal to your sense of indulgence, why not head out to Finca la Estacada? They have everything you need, a winery, restaurant, hotel and complete spa facilities. You can take a tour of the winery to learn about their ageing and production process. They have an impressive ageing hall beneath their main building, which holds 6,000 casks of wine.

Not surprisingly, Finca la Estacada also offers the relatively unfamiliar technique ‘vinotherapy’ which fights ageing, stimulates blood circulation and increases the elasticity of your skin. There is an impressive water circuit, which includes a Turkish bath, ice fountain, sauna and solarium as well as a relaxation and colour therapy room. The ultimate unwind and de-stress centre, all within a one-hour-and-twenty-minute drive from the centre of Madrid. 

 DSC1219Finca la Estacada

The finca serves local, cuisine in a new and exciting way. There is a conservatory for your leisure time, as well as a 1,500-square-metre terrace overlooking the vineyard as you enjoy your meal and of course your wine. They provide a more sophisticated version of their accommodation in their Wine Tourism Resort, which expresses ­– as the management say – that their love of wine can be found everywhere.

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