Vegan and Vegetarian Dining in Seville Featured

The best plant based alternartives in the heart of Seville.

by Ashleigh Searle

Bar Ecológico Gaia

This fully organic vegetarian restaurant also caters for vegans and has an extensive selection of raw dishes. It’s philosophy is to bring traditional Spanish cuisines to those with specific dietary requirements, in a light, airy space. The kitchen follows the Km0 and Slow Food movements, meaning ingredients are selected from the surrounding farms and producers in order leave no carbon footprint. The aim is to provide delicious, organic food that reawakens your taste buds without the use of chemicals.



This charming terrace is the perfect spot for those who need to escape the madding crowds outside. Located close to La Alafafa, and a few minutes for Plaza del Salvador, this is unique vegetarian restaurant in the sea of omnivorous restaurants in Seville. Devoted to healthy dishes based on Mediterranean recipes and as well as Caribbean food. The menu has many options for those with dietary restrictions such as cœliac, lactose free and vegan. Flower inspired dishes include hearty salads, seaweeds and smoothies to name but a few. If you want to indulge, the Mojitos aren’t bad either.


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Alameda Rock

Awesome vegan tapas awaits at Alameda Rock, this charming little rock-themed, plant-based restaurant in the heart of the city. Don’t expect to only find vegetables, the chefs here use a selection of meat substitutes such as as tofu and seitan to bulk up the little plates. Menu favourites include classics like espinaca con garbanzos (spinach with chickpea) as well as paella and roasted vegetables.



The quaint little bakery sells only vegan pastries, delicacies, coffee and snacks. Breakfasts include smoothies, cakes and sandwiches, whereas at lunchtime there is also a selection of vegan kebabs and salads. While only small, this is perfect place for plant-based travellers to stop in for replenishment.


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A 100% macrobiotic modern restaurant with an art gallery attached, this lovely space has an extensive array of uniquely creative vegan dishes cooked with organic grains and vegetables.

 Bread and grains

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