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Michelin-star dining in Marbella

Top Michelin-starred restaurants in Marbella

In a Spanish city filled with luxury, it is only fitting for the restaurants to have the most prestigious honor of Michelin stars. These outstanding restaurants in Marbella deserve all the praise for their shining success.

Dani García

Dani-G-F3Dani Garcia

Andalucían native Dani Garcia brings a creative, playful touch to the traditional flavours and textures of Andalucían cuisine. In his eponymous restaurant in Marbella, which has been awarded two Michelin stars, he combines flavour, nuance and innovation to present a truly one-of-a-kind dining experience. He compares dining in his restaurant to a fairy-tale experience – avant-garde techniques that seem almost magical showcase the true stars: the fresh and vibrant taste of tradition. www.grupodanigarcia.com



Skina’s dining room in Marbella’s old town may be tiny, but it bursts with flavour and passion. Chefs Jaume Puigdengolas and Marcos Grando hail from other regions in Spain, but they are dedicated to presenting the very best of local cuisine, with a clean cooking style that lets the ingredients take centre stage. Fresh prawns, sea bass, sardines and anchovies from the Mediterranean, the spiritual heart of the restaurant, spices and mushrooms from the nearby mountains, deer, rabbit and other local game – each dish shines on its own merits. www.restauranteskina.com

El Lago

El-Lago-5El Lago

Nestled among the green fields of Greenlife Golf, El Lago looks over the picturesque lake that lends it its name. Head chef Diego del Río took the reins fresh from a career in Paris and London, and proceeded to draw out the tastes and textures of the Marbella region. Two tasting menus as well as an à la carte option provide a heady mix of fresh fish, game and artisanal desserts. www.restauranteellago.com

1 Dani García
2 Skina
3 El Lago