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Best Pools in Lake Como Featured

Five premier places to take a dip - aside from the lake.

by Angelina Hazzouri

Lake Como is nearly everyone’s favorite summer spot in northern Italy. As the days grow longer and hotter, the crowds grow larger. If you’re looking for a good place to swim, aside from the lake of course, check out these spots for some luxurious fun in the sun. Don’t forget sunscreen!

Lido Cernobbio

One of the most scenic locations in Lake Como, Lido Cernobbio hails from Cernobbio square, a well-known resort. Completely renewed, the pool is the perfect unique way to spend a sunny day on Lake Como - by the water and with food and drink on hand. Treat yourself to a yoga or swim class, and stay for dinner to make the most of your time here.

lido cernobbio©Lido Cernobbio 

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Relax and unwind at a pool that is most definitely pleasing to the eye. The hotel pool at CastaDiva Resort & Spa will make you forget that one of Italy’s most beautiful bodies of water is right in front of you. A serene setting nestled between the lake and botanical park combines Italian style, charm, and natural beauty. 

CASTADIVA Piscina galleggiante Floating pool©CASTADIVA

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Hilton Infinity Pool

Offering one of the most spectacular rooftop views you’ll find, the Hilton Infinity Pool makes the lake and mountain landscape look like a painting. Escape the crowds and head here to overlook the beauty of northern Italy without disruption.

hilton pool©Hilton

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Grand Hotel Tremezzo

It’s no wonder Grand Hotel Tremezzo is such a popular location for weddings... it has a floating pool. How many times can you say you went swimming in a pool inside a lake? An oasis floating right on Lake Como, this pool offers exhilarating dips surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of the Grigne mountains. Aside from this option, the hotel also boasts a larger pool on land, for the less adventurous.

hotel tremezzo©Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Lido di Lenno

Though it’s technically on a publicly-accessed beach, Lido di Lenno is an ideal place to relax if you’re looking for a luxurious atmosphere with a coastal menu. Well-equipped beach service meets your every need as you enjoy a serene environment of music, food, wine - yes, wine - and cosy daybeds if you choose to reserve one.

Lido di lenno©Lido di Lenno

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